Jeff Mills is going to be the first DJ to play in space. And it’s SpaceX designer and Tesla co-founder Elon Musk who’s making it happen.

Musk, who sent a Tesla Roadster into space in February, reportedly caught wind of Jeff Mills’ recent hook-up with NASA and decided he was the right selector to be sent into outer space.

The set will take place in September of this year and will be streamed live to a global audience. Mills will spend the best part of this year working on his track selection, which will span the entirety of his career so far. “Jeff wanted to bring a full orchestra with him at first,” a source close to the project told us. “But his favourite bassoon would burst under the pressure of zero gravity, so he’s decided to go vinyl-only.”

At a press conference earlier today, Elon Musk said: “I know there is a DJ called Intergalactic Gary who would also be suitable, but an early adopter friend of mine put me onto the NASA-associated NTS Radio shows Jeff has been hosting and I knew that he would be perfect for the job.

“Having then gone through his back catalogue and discovered he has an album called ‘One Man Spaceship’, there really was no doubt in my mind that I had picked the right selector.”

Jeff Mills will play for approximately 12 hours in space before returning to earth, where 18 months will have passed in “real time”.

Via Mixmag