Elrow comes to Genova.

It took me a while to realize what happened a few weeks ago in Genova. I was born in this magnificent city build up along a stunning coastline on the Mediterranean Sea, for long time out of the maps when it came to electronic music. Now I am living abroad in northern Europe and I must say it was a real pleasure to find such a good vibe during a night out.

Of course, with Elrow – one of the most appreciated electronic music event all around the world – I should have expected a great night. However, it was not just that, it was a pure celebration of techno and house music, blended in the typical elrow techouse sound, and built up around a perfectly oiled machine of the organization which would have fitted perfectly anywhere else in Europe, from the Netherlands to Germany and Belgium.

Organised by elrow itself together with RST events, a well-established agency made of young and innovative people not afraid to challenge the sometimes difficult environment of the Italian bureaucracy and mentality towards underground music culture, the night offered Genova a genuine international party atmosphere.

To be completely honest, I am the kind of club goers who normally tries to avoid flamboyant and too scenographic parties, while tending to carefully selected darker atmospheres and minimalistic environment. I am not a big fan of big stages and hands in the air, if you wanna say so. That being said, elrow is another story. It is not comparable to anything else around, no one has yet find another formula that works so good both for underground fanatics and more unexperienced kids.

The headliner for the Elrow night was the one and only Richy Ahmed who is a long time elrow partner in crime, alongside with some of the infamous residents such as Marc Maya, Mario Biani and Tini Gessler. Of course the music is key for elrow nights, but for once the dj is not at the centre. The spinner is one component of the party, important of course, but not the only protagonist, as too many times we see in other electronic music parties. Everyone is at the centre, because no one is the centre. Everyone feels involved and part of something bigger, because elrow has no divas on the menu.

This the beauty and most probably the main reason for Elrow’s success.

Neverthless we enjoyed hours of good pumping techouse, in certain phases very trybal – as the theme was Sambodromo do Brasil we should have expected that – and we couldn’t find a brake, thank God! It was a pumping journey through the many nuances of techno and house, with a constant groovy and catchy vibe. Surrounded by a very friendly crowd, smiling people, inflatables, boats, actors on stints and – of course – the best confetti any music party ever had.

Elrow, never disappoints! Thank you Genova!