Arkham: a huge, underground space with three rooms

Arkham is a huge and underground space with three different rooms and limit with regards to around 500 people. Arkham is the first club in China that’s consistently booking and promoting high quality underground live music and showcases since the opening on March 2013. The focus is on the quality of the experience, for the music and the community that embrace this place. It started with small parties, now it’s staging more than 1000 attendes. Arkham is now in the top 10 underground clubs in Asia. That’s why Arkham is a landmark of Asia’s iconic underground scene.

Main room is the middle purpose of a maze of rooms and passages that fold over it. A second bar is found specifically close to the dance floor which has it’s own parlor region and a second bar upstairs (additionally with it’s own parlor and DJ both) makes it a sum of four bars to access in the club.