Shelter: a bomb shelter converted in club culture

Shelter is a softly remodeled reinforced hideout that plays host to a portion of Shanghai’s grittier club evenings. The whole space is cut out of stone, and the primary room sits profound underground toward the finish of a long passage with a low roof and uneven dividers. The oval move floor prompts an arrangement of three passage molded seating territories, all with cowhide lounge chairs and bended, tiled dividers. Hip-bounce is the most well-known style of music at The Shelter, however house and techno parties are normal. Beverages are less expensive than at most Shanghai clubs.

Shelter provides a forum for locally-based independent electronic artists and DJs, and new international alternative dance acts. Everyone from Kode 9 and The Bug to Drexciya, Dam Funk, and Madlib have played here. A converted bomb shelter, the club is dark, sweaty, black, loud, and thumping. Music ranges on a given night from Reggae to IDM to Drum n Bass to Electro to Hip Hop.