Vent: where design is completely a craftsmanship piece itself

Vent Tokyo is situated inside an expanding on a primary crossing point in Omotesando. When you discover the Festae Omotesando building, you simply go straight to the specific end of the principal floor, and Vent Tokyo will be down the solid stairs. The space has an underground appeal to it.

The entryways open at 11pm and remain open until 6am! When you first stroll in, you may think you’ve entered a solid craftsmanship exhibition. The design is completely a craftsmanship piece itself, with an exceptionally moderate and chic inside. There are two bars, one behind the passage corner which plays Japanese techno or house music, and the principle bar. The fundamental bar and parlor have a space for individuals to stand and blend. It additionally offers little seating alternatives (held seats included) and nature-roused workmanship pieces.