A night out in space with Hyper


It’s Friday night and we are at the seaside of Porto. Behind us, the ocean is completely dark and aggressive; in front of us, the door of Indústria Club is equally dark and the bass which makes the floor tremble, is just as aggressive. The last time I checked my phone it was 2am.


Passing through the discrete entrance, there’s a stairway leading us to the underground club. The vibe is still building up. There’s more people at the bar than at the dancefloor. On the booth, Dystopic L. is warming up – giving shy people occasional kicks and introducing us to the ultimate trip. He’s a Portuguese DJ who presents himself as the captain of the ship which will lead us to the outer space. Defining his path through minimal beats and heavy futuristic auras, we were definitely convinced to travel alongside him.

Dystopic L. behind the decks


Before I notice, Anetha is already behind the decks hugging Dystopic L. and starting out her set. HYPER made sure we had a proper introduction to the French dj and the truth is that we did. The crowd was already in trance when she began…

Trust me: the next four hours went by so fast! Anetha was constantly showing us that she’s the one who’s in charge of whatever she wanted. In one minute she’s destroying our motor skills with some ultra speed dating and in the next one we’re bouncing to huge clubbing tracks from the 90s. It was really intense actually.

To be honest, I was not expecting to see so many people engaging to her music. But how can you turn down such a wild roller coaster of emotions?

Let me just tell you. The peak of the night happened around 6am or something, when I was tripping with my eyes closed on the front line…


Boom! Don’t you even fight me on this one. Banger track! Perfectly placed in the moment of the closing set. A few HYPER team members were smiling at me from the backstage – the vibe was unrealistically synchronised. What an amazing night, what an amazing club, organisation, people, everything! I was 100% not expecting it to be THIS great.


For the first time ever, our team decided to pull together an aftermovie from the event. This was made possible thanks to the amazing work and skills of Catarina Faísca and Bárbara Teixeira.


Of course I could not end this article without mentioning the unbelievably great work and notorious dedication of HYPER. Being myself from Lisbon and not used to go out to dance in Porto, let me tell you this was a surprise. Fantastic team and a smart line-up. You deserve all the glory for keeping your message real and your value impeccable.

You promised us a night out in space. You served us with a night to remember! And in the name of Clubber Confession, I thank you all for your commitment in preserving such a raw and genuine environment inside Indústria Club.


I’ll see you soon, hopefully in 2019 – HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Video editing: Catarina Faisca
Editor: Maria Santos