Apophis Club: a club membership only where you can find the best beverage in city

Opened during Fashion Week 2017, this club membership only was born from the ashes of an old nightclub and is presented in an evening dress signed by a renowned architecture and design studio (DnA Associates). Then dark velvets, backlit tables, geometric shapes for a minimal but enveloping interior design. Little light, just a beam of LEDs that runs through the entire ceiling. And there is no need for light: the Apophis is a place dedicated to clubbing with a program that host DJs unveiled weekly. The surplus is definitely the proposed cocktail at the bar counter, difficult to find when you go out dancing.

Premium labels – thanks to the collaboration with Vodka Beluga and Williams Gb Gin – and selected products from all over the world. The drink list bears the name of Morris Mau (already at the Astronomical Observatory), which unravels with great ease between the classics of mixing and its signatures.

It’s one of those places where you fall in love from time to time, especially for the clubbing soul that convinces with flying colors for the beverage side.