Barcelona Clubbers – Get Ready for Archives

A totally fresh project that will start in Barcelona this week called “Archives” will be bringing you clubbers a selection of exciting electronic sounds every Thursday at Casa Gracia, an eclectic venue situated in the city centre close to the “Diagonal” metro stop. 

The “Archives” concept which has been born out of a team-up between two other Barcelona based parties, Checkpoint and Melting Pot will take shape as an independent night that will showcase urban and underground personalities from Barcelona and abroad and display their talents to a crowd of locals and tourists week in, week out. 

The venue, Casa Gracia, is an interesting one. The architecture and interior design of the building are quite historical as it represents the inside of an old bank which has been converted into a hotel and club venue. The “Archives” team will be taking over the basement area and will set up their party in two rooms which both are very old school and retro in their style as they represent the bank from the past, with safety deposit boxes still firmly on the walls and the old safe where money and treasure were undoubtedly kept at one time which has been turned into a chill-out area.

Barcelona has been a place where you can experience some of the best underground music in Europe for quite a long time now and the scene here always seems to be evolving with concepts that are trying to break new boundaries, display new sounds and also be a platform for creative artists as well. “Archives” have some great ideas of how to achieve this in a different way to the rest and their Thursday parties will be a place where you will have the opportunity to see it all unfold. 

Thursdays in many ways have become an extension to the weekend in loads of cities all around the world and “Archives” will be making this happen in Barcelona. Their inaugural night will take place this Thursday (29th August 2019) and you can catch Baraso (Checkpoint, Tribe Recordings) and Jorge Gamarra (SUR) in Room 1 and Pekkuliar (Kommuna / Greece) all night long in Room 2.  

Get tickets for the 1st “Archives” night here.

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