Brunch -In the City with Agatha Pher, Rampue, Nico Stojan, Blond:ish & YokoO

Brunch -In the City is held in one of the most scenic places you can imagine, the Plaza Mayor del Poble Espanyol!

The months of May and June are a great time to be in Barcelona if you like clubbing! The city is warming up nicely but is not too hot, people from all over the world are visiting and the number of great events available is doubling as the week’s progress. It is the time of year if you are a clubber to leave the nightclubs and take to the outdoors and indulge in the city’s day parties, where some of the worlds best DJ’s play week after week in picturesque venues such as Parc del Forum and Poble Espanyol.

Living here for nearly 2 years now I have had the opportunity to attend some of the best parties I have ever been to and meet some amazing people along the way. I’m gonna continue on my mission of partying it up here and telling all you clubbers what’s good in this town and today’s article is gonna once again do just that because last weekend I attended Brunch -In the City and it was just too sick!

Brunch -In the City is one of Barcelona’s most popular day parties and is held in one of the most scenic places you could imagine for such an event, the Plaza Mayor del Poble Espanyol, an incredible recreation of a traditional Spanish main square that can host thousands of ravers for a unique partying experience. The venue is made up of two dance areas, the huge outdoor main square called “escenario principal”, and also a hidden dark room called the “upload room” where you can hear more of an underground sound.

On this occasion, the line up on the “escenario principal” was a pretty big one and was made up of DJ’s I had never seen before including Agatha Pher, Rampue, Nico Stojan and Blond:ish who played b2b with YokoO.

When I turned up around 18:00 I was in time to catch the last of Rampue’s set. He was playing a collection of lively house and techno tunes and the crowd was absolutely loving it. It was the perfect music for that time of the day which warmed the venue up for the jazzy techno vibes of Nico Stojan.

I have heard a lot about Nico Stojan in past but had never heard him spin live. It was a new experience for me and I was impressed by his tune selection. His music fitted nicely into the atmosphere of the event and there were, by this time, thousands of people grooving to his sounds. Nico’s set was ideal for what came next, the only b2b of the whole evening which featured Blond:ish and YokoO.

Taking over the decks for the closing set of such a big event can only mean that you have to go out with a bang and yes, both these DJ’s absolutely smacked it with their tunes. Both Blond:ish and YokoO have very eclectic styles and personalities and this certainly showed in their music. I remember watching them from the front of the stage going crazy while they played their tunes to a crowd that was also going crazy for them. The vibe in the main area at this point was at its peak! The crowd was much livelier than previous hours and people were now raving hard until the end with massive smiles on their faces.

Brunch -In the City is a very thought out event because it doesn’t only allow you party outside but also inside a dark club like room called the “Upload Room”, which is the 2nd dance area with a more intimate setting. On this occasion, I dipped in an out of this room and caught parts of the sets from Lvcha, Violeta Villa and Agatha Pher who closed. The tunes they were spinning were pumping and it was a sound that was more techy and underground to what was going on outside. The energy in there was very similar to smaller dark techno clubs you can find in cities like London or Berlin and it is definitely worth a portion of your time if you attend a Brunch -In the City event in the future.

I have always thought that living in Barcelona can spoil you for partying. There is just too much going on and especially at this time of the year. The countless number of events makes it hard for one to choose sometimes what to do but I am confident that if you venture to Poble Espanyol on a Sunday for a Brunch -In the City event you can not go wrong!

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Clubbers! Its gonna be a big few months in this town so stay tuned for more articles about what’s going on BCN! We don’t only have Off Week coming up but also Sonar, OFFSonar and DGTL later in the year so there is for sure gonna be a lot to talk about!

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