Brunch in the Park Round 2 with Agoria b2b Oxia, Eagles & Butterflies, Frankey & Sandrino and Adeline

Brunch in the Park Round 2 with Agoria b2b Oxia, Eagles & Butterflies, Frankey & Sandrino and Adeline

Living in Barcelona for almost a year I have to say has made me love electronic music more and more. The countless events and musical concepts that the city plays host to week in, week out, has not only allowed me to catch many of my favorite dj’s play mind blowing sets, but also enjoy them in a comfortable atmosphere, and with a unique vibe that I can only associate with the city itself. My only complaint would be that it’s just too damn hot sometimes, but that’s not really a complaint, it was totally my decision to move here and I knew what I was getting myself in to.

As many of you who have visited know that raving and clubbing in this city is a serious endeavour. The lineups are more or less always made up of huge names and its really evident that the crowd just loves to party. I have even heard from many dj’s I have met in the past that they have a special place in their hearts for Barcelona and its eclectic atmosphere. It’s almost rude not to attend the events when some of your musical idols are on your doorstep and everything is so close. So, I didn’t want to be rude, and made my way back up the hill of Montjuic for another edition of Brunch in the Park.

As this was my second time at this event, I knew what to expect from the set up. An atmosphere for everyone, families and ravers alike. A bunch of cool activities that included a bouncy castle, a skate ramp and a water slide, and also many delicious food stalls and chillout areas, where one can relax and enjoy the sun while listening to sick tunes. There are also two stages at this event, something I did not properly discover the first time round. The main stage is for the main acts which featured the stylish Swedish producer and dj, Adeline, the talented UK born LA based man of the moment, Eagles & Butterflies, the banging German duo, Frankey & Sandrino, and the filthy tune playing French-men Agoria and Oxia, who played a back to back set. The second stage is for up and coming djs that included Aubrey, Denizer who played back to back with Lyonel and Fred & Jvan who closed. The second stage had a cool atmosphere. It was much smaller than the main stage and a lot more intimate. But I have to admit, most of my time was spent at the main stage where it was popping off from start to finish.Adeline was up first. She opened the event playing some really cool melodic tunes. It was an especially hot day that day and the event was not so packed at this point, but she did a real nice job in creating a relaxed and happy vibe for the crowd that was present at that moment. It was the first time I had seen her play, but I really liked her style. I for sure want to catch her play again sometime in BCN as I have heard she is there a lot.

Eagles & Butterflies was up next. He was not only looking like a cool dude but also did his duty and played some absolute bangers. He played from 15:00 to 17:00, a time when most of the ravers started to turn up. He took us through a selection of styles where he played some slower tech-ier tracks, along with some housey ones that together got the crowd jumping and begging for more.

What followed took the atmosphere to a peak level. The banging German duo, Frankey & Sandrino. When they came on, the venue was packed. The temperature had also started to cool down by this point so people were more motivated to go mad with their dancing with less risk of dehydration. These guys really went for it, playing an awesome experimental set of tribal and techy sounds with some industrial “Berlinesque” rhythms. I had only heard them in recorded sets before and it was quite an experience to hear them live. They did an excellent job in creating the perfect atmosphere for the main act that followed them which was the much awaited back to back set of Agoria and Oxia.

The main act at Brunch in the Park always seems to end the event with an absolute bang and this time seeing Agoria and Oxia go back to back was an experience I will never forget. I was especially excited about this set. I have seen both of these guys play separately on a number of occasions in places like London and Ibiza, but never back to back. Being a dj myself, I have been playing some of their tracks out for quite a while, so hearing them play together was not only amazing to watch, but nostalgic for me personally. The crowd was in awe, almost hypnotised by the melodic selection of tunes that they took turns to churn out. I remember hearing many songs I loved but the the most memorable moments were when Agoria hit us with “Scala” and Oxia hit us with his Ace of Spades, “Domino”. The crowd went wild throughout and I think everyone would agree when I say that they both absolutely smacked it!

I will be reporting back for more editions of Brunch in the Park and many more parties in Barcelona. Watch this space to read more of my reviews. Also don’t forget that Brunch in the Park has also expanded across more cities,  including Madrid, Lisbon and Valencia. Click the city name for line up announcements. Take it easy until next time clubbers, stay safe and rave on!