Brunch in the Park with Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Brina Knauss and Andre Buljat

Brunch in the Park with Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Brina Knauss and Andre Buljat

Living in Barcelona sometimes spoils you if you are a dedicated clubber. The dj’s keep turning up, the sun keeps shining and the vibe in the city just gets better and better with amazing events popping up all over the place. The best thing one can do is just give in and enjoy as many of them as possible. That’s why I have made a very important decision this summer, and that is to do precisely that and report back!

If you have ever been here before you will know that this is a place with a vibrant spirit and friendly atmosphere, where people spend more time outdoors than indoors, and events cater for big crowds made up both of locals and tourists. There is always a surprise here, and in summer time you have quite a few that present themselves. One of which is Brunch in the Park, a concept that emerges as the Sunday rave spot for the summer months and has become quite famous within Spain, Europe and around the world.

A short bus ride from Plaza Espana, Brunch in the Park takes place in the Jardins de Joan Brossa on top of the hill of Montjuïc and is an event focused on bringing some of the biggest names in the electronic music world to Barcelona week after week. Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Barcelona resident Andre Buljat, Slovenian techno queen, Brina Knauss, American superstar Josh Wink and the British King of Ibiza, o yes, o yes, Carl Cox, who headlined the show with an unforgettable set.

Once an amusement park, this venue is still an entertainment center for people of all ages. I turned up there in the early afternoon and managed to catch the last part of Andre Buljat’s melodic set, and was interested to see that the crowd was mixed with families and ravers who had come for a day of chilling in the sun and listening to some tunes. Andre played the first set during a time that the venue was not so crowded but he did a nice job in keeping the vibe chilled while people entered and organized themselves with a drink and spot to relax while enjoying the sun.

Brina Knauss who took over the decks after him started to escalate the vibe with her filthier tune selection as the place began to fill up. She got a lot of people from the bar and the picnic area to the dance floor. I had never seen her play before but had always heard very good things about her style. She definitely kept the party lively with her tunes and built up the crowd nicely for Josh Wink.

When Josh Wink came on the crowd was in its element. He teased us with some tunes typical to his style, deep and groovy tracks with rolling energetic drops. His years of experience as a dj certainly shows when he plays a set. His ability to mix seamlessly and on point tune selection at any time of the day speaks for itself. He couldn’t have done a better job as the warm up dj for the main event who was no other than long time dance music ambassador and techno legend, Carl Cox.

Having seen Carl Cox several times over the years, I have to say that this time was for sure my favorite. He played a 3 hour set and made the crowd go wild with his music and unique energy. It was the only set where the clouds above decided to open up and pour rain but no one was phased by this, it only made the party better allowing a sweaty crowd to cool down after a day of intense heat. There was so much love in the air for him that many people had made banners with his famous words “O Yes, O Yes” and the locals in the crowd would continuously shout “Carlo Cox” when he dropped a big beat. I think it’s fair to say that the Barcelona rave community would adopt him immediately if they could.

Brunch in the Park as an event totally impressed me. Branding itself as an electronic music event, there is in fact much more to it than just that. Inside this beautiful garden on the hill there are not only two stages that play tunes, but an abundance of food stalls and entertaining activities that await you from bouncy castles and water slides to skate ramps. All of this on top of a music festival environment makes it one of the top weekly activities in Barcelona throughout the summer. I will for sure be coming back more and more over the summer to enjoy this gem of an event and to also hear many more inspiring sets from some of the best dj’s in the business.

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