Sunrise Barcelona will take place on June 12th 2019!

Sunrise Agency, the guys that organise Sunwaves Festival is teaming up with Checkpoint Barcelona

Barcelona Clubbers! Prepare yourselves for rare musical experience on June 12th because Sunrise Agency, the guys that organise Sunwaves Festival, is teaming up with Checkpoint, to bring you a collaboration between some of Romania’s finest musical talent who will play alongside some of Barcelona’s most prominent underground techno names.

That’s right, you read it correctly, the Sunwaves festival crew are coming to town for an event appropriately called “Sunrise Barcelona” at the Go Beach club in Port Forum during OFF WEEK in June. This will no doubt be one of the biggest parties of that week and for sure one of the best for music quality with Romanian artists such as Arapu, Gescu, Praslea, Cezar and Sit who will tear up the decks with resident Checkpoint DJ’s including Sonodab, Sampol, Rick Maia, Rainer and Baraso.

The hype surrounding this night isn’t just about the DJ’s who will play and the incredible music you will hear. It is also about the amazing venue that it will take place in. Get ready for 12 hours of serious tunes in 2 rooms because Sunrise Barcelona will be held at the Go Beach Club, a venue literally on the coast of the Mediterranean sea that has both an indoor club and an open-air rooftop area, which will be great for all us party goers in the month of June in Barcelona.

It doesn’t just end there. If you are a music collector, DJ or artist make sure you come prepared for a bit of a vinyl dig as there will also be a pop-up vinyl market stocked with thousands of rare ’80s and ’90s electronic music records from 5 different collectors selected by Discogs at the last vinyl market event.

If you live in Barcelona or will be visiting during OFF WEEK in June, this upcoming Checkpoint event is definitely one of the parties you should not miss! For all of you who are already aware of Checkpoint, then you know what to expect. But if you have never been before you will certainly be in for a treat this time as it is the first time that they are joining forces with Romania’s Sunrise Agency to bring you two rooms of sick tunes from 6pm to 6am the following morning.

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