A talk with Irakli: founder of STAUB

STAUB is a raw and mystical party where lineups are a thing of the past and techno is left to its origins narrating a musical journey.

A party where ravers give into the unknown, carried by carefully selected artists and newcomers.

We are in Berlin having the pleasure to talk with Irakli, founder of STAUB. So let’s start!

Staub is one of the few parties in Europe that doesn’t reveal the line up until the very beginning of the event, what are the thoughts behind this decision?

Irakli: I think the element of surprise is important, but not only. It also makes the work easier, you can change things few days before and not work with the same structure as everyone else. We’re able to give a chance to newcomers and make a more diverse and colourful program.

The biggest challenge for us was to create a crowd that trusts you and comes no matter what, sunny garden or intense dark winter rave. We are happy to have these people around who trust us now almost six years later and we actually want to thank them all for this. We have a great open-minded crowd.

Staub has now existed for five years, what has changed in these years and how do you picture the event in a few years?

Irakli: We began very small with one floor and a few friends (DJs and crowd as well). But the atmosphere was amazing and in 1-2 years the party became bigger. Most of the time we cover 3 floors now. Everything is a process and we can’t say what will happen in a few years. We observe and talk in the team after each event and think about what we should/could change or develop.

One thing we always ask ourselves is, what we would think about the event if we were there as guests, what we would like about it and what we would miss. For me personally the most important thing is the music, I go out to listen to it and dance to it, everything else comes after. But of course the atmosphere is important too, the crowd, the people, the sound, everything combined and smiling faces around you.

Irakli, if you had to describe yourself with one track, which one would you make us listen to?

Irakli: I can’t describe myself in one track, even if it would be 25 min long with plenty of diversity, it still wouldn’t be enough. So, in this case we should go for the format of a DJ-set – and even a long one : )

Is there any particular message that you would like to share with the techno scene today?

Irakli: I think passion is still the most important thing. I know it sounds cheesy, but well, it is true. I like everything with real emotions. I think sometimes people forget why they are doing what they do, not only in techno.

For me the music is the message and I think it’s the strongest one of all messages out there. But you should ask Jeff Mills this question, he likes to preach and is doing it damn well. : )

Can you mention two parties or clubs in the world that you think are worth visiting at least once in your life?

Irakli: I think there are plenty that you should and should not visit. I like strange places where you don’t expect something special. Last time I visited Baku in Azerbaijan I went to the new club IN and met the crew behind it (the whole scene is very, very new). It was very special, with so much energy and ideas, I was impressed.


Irakli: I wish I could see this energy in other countries too. Another amazing experience was Reflector Club in Kutaisi, Georgia. If you like adventurous clubbing, go and visit these places. I’m sure there are other amazing and unexpectable places out there, but I haven’t been and wish that I will visit these kinds of places more.

Which date should we put on our calendar to make sure to catch the next Staub party?

Irakli: The 29th of December where we will celebrate the end of this year and invite our favourite artists (as always). In February we have our 6 th anniversary which is one to look out for too, but actually I think that each event is special in its way, not only birthdays or specials.

Thanks Irakly! See you very soon in Berlin and Milan when you will play at Masada on January 5th.

Irakli: Thank you too guys, see you soon! : )