Jazz-o-Tech will perform at Suicide Circus Berlin with Key Clef & Riccardo Nebbiosi

Jazz-o-Tech is the new thing in Berlin! 

Clubs around Europe are constantly looking for something new in order to offer to their clubbers something fresh, a kind of antidote to the sometimes repetitive offer of the current electronic music scene. Berlin is, as usual, a step ahead of the competition and is hosting a new music movement “Techno-Jazz” which merges techno and electronica with jazz. The result is an explosive mix between techno grooves and jazz improvisation.

Jazz-o-Tech, a Berlin based techno-jazz label, is the first label to focus exclusively on this new style, and Key Clef & Riccardo Nebbiosi are two Italian artists signed by the label which are part of this new music movement. Key Clef is one of the upcoming artists in the electronic music scene in Berlin and Riccardo is one of the best sax players in the lively jazz scene in Rome. In this video, shot in Key Clef’s studio in Berlin, the vintage analogues sounds of Key Clef blend perfectly with Riccardo’s sax solos, which filtered through an array of effects provide a warm and fluid texture to their music.

Key Clef and Riccardo Nebbiosi will be playing live on the 6th January at Suicide Circus in Berlin @ Rituals party hosted by Beat Movement, the Italian techno duo currently super hot in Berlin who are also experimenting with techno-jazz style. Here the event.

Enjoy a sample of Key Clef+ Riccardo Nebbiosi live set in this video.