15 years of Free Your Mind Festival: celebrate with Joris Voorn

When talking about electronic music events and festivals, there is an undeniable benchmark and everyone has to deal with it. In terms of tradition, organization and overall quality of the events, the Netherlands has indeed set the bar so high that not many other countries can hold the candle with it.

In the context of a relatively small country, and with so many internationally acclaimed competitors just around the corner, the story of Free Your Mind Festival is indeed a successful one.

2018 marks the 15th anniversary of FYM Festival, making it one of the first and most established dance festivals in The Netherlands. Additionally, it is the fastest growing underground festival in the Eastern part of the country.

To celebrate this milestone FYM has created a series of national and international events throughout the year under the project name ”FYM15”. One of the biggest event was held last June, organized in a massive outdoor forest surrounded by the beautiful and peaceful Rijn River. During this big party FYM took over the city of Arnhem for three full days of music, smiles and fun.

But the party is not over yet, many other small and big events are planned. Next chance to party with the FYM family – a community that through the years has been able to create a unique atmosphere of togetherness inspired by their love for music, art, life and freedom – will be on the beautiful beach of Scheveningen, close to Den Haag. 

Special guest for the night will be the one and only Joris Voorn, who does not need introduction. In case you need more info – shame on you!!! 😉 – you can read the interview we had with him:


Or the review we wrote after a long night with him:


Partygoers from around the world will gather together, enjoying the classy touch of the Dutch legend in the unforgettable scenario offered by Colorado Charlie, one of the most inspiring beach club of the North Sea.

Tickets are available and surprisingly cheap! Don’t wait too long, as sold out is just around the corner!