Checkpoint Barcelona is ON POINT!

Checkpoint is one of Barcelona’s best underground techno parties! 

It’s no secret that Barcelona is a city full of party vibes but sometimes it’s hard to know which party is the one for you. For me, such a decision is pretty clear. I like techno. I like dark rooms with loud music and good quality speakers. I like tracks with unusual and obscure noises and friendly crowds who like to dance until the sun comes up. So where does one go to in Barca to find such a party? There are definitely a few options out there, but one of the city’s staples is a concept called Checkpoint, a homegrown (BCN made) initiative that meets all of the above requirements and more.

Created back in 2013, Checkpoint is quite a special event concept that ties together an environment of music and avant-garde art with the purpose of building a like-minded community of people who not only like to party and listen to great music but like to do it in an inspiring and exciting atmosphere. The leaders of the brand don’t only organise techno parties but also put together exhibitions and workshops bringing artists and creatives from all over the world to Barcelona to express their talents.

Last Friday, (17th May 2019) I got myself down to the Checkpoint warehouse party that was held at a “secret location” which later turned out to be a warehouse space in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona’s neighbouring town. When I arrived, I could already hear the bass from outside and when I entered all I saw was a packed room full of ravers tearing up the dancefloor and a dose of that typical Barcelona energy that you feel frequently when you attend such parties in this city.

The warehouse venue where Checkpoint took place is fittingly called “The Garage of The Bass Valley”, a dark establishment with one big room and one smaller more intimate one, which are both absolutely perfect for such parties. Room 1 (the main big room) is the room that you immediately see upon entry to the venue. It’s a big square dark room with a stage and DJ booth at the far side which featured on this occasion artists including, Checkpoint resident DJ, Sonodab, Japanese artist and owner of the Cabaret Recordings label, Masda and also Belgian DJ, Davy who each took over the decks and played selections of underground techno tracks that kept the vibe in the room pumping and the crowd energetically raving from start to finish.

Room 2, or “the red room” which I call it because of its dim and trippy red light display that evening, was the room you would go to for a more experimental techno sound, which I personally love. Situated behind the DJ booth of Room 1, the experimental sound of Room 2 was crafted by the skilful crew of Checkpoint resident DJ’s Sampol, Baraso, Remy Allocco and special guest Anah, an artist from Portugal who spun some absolutely banging tunes during her set that morning.

In addition to hearing high-quality tunes and experiencing an energetic Barcelona rave atmosphere, when you attend a Checkpoint event, you can expect more than just these two things. This time, there were some cool art displays for you to enjoy when you needed a moment to rest from the dancefloor. These were, the installations from Adversodecofurniture, Akyute, S.enpublic, Sheena Is and Silvia Rocchino alongside audiovisuals displays from Daniel Morales aka GAGO in Room 1 and Sara Montoya in room 2, who both did a great job providing the trippy visuals that the music needed to keep the crowd mesmerised whilst dancing.

Checkpoint will return to the same Warehouse location on 17th July 2019. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date with their movements. But, you don’t have to wait that long to attend one of these sick parties in Barcelona. You can join their next event on June 12th that will showcase some of Romania’s finest Rominimal spinning talent including Arapu, Gescu, Cezar, Praslea and Sit which is no doubt going to be an absolutely huge affair. Join the Facebook event here.

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