Discover The BPM Festival – Portimão & Lagoa – Portugal

The BPM Festival moves to Portugal for the second time in 2018 for an amazing European edition of the famous electronic music festival.

Exactly as it was developed in 2017, the municipalities of Portimão and Lagoa will host showcases and parties of the most prestigious record labels of the global techno-electronic scene.

Festival participants will be able to dance on the wide stretch of golden beach during the day at NoSoloÁgua (to name one) or they can decide to move to Blanco Beach Club and take advantage of breathtaking views from the pool located inside the venue.

During the night, the rest of the event will take place at the Congress Center of Arade setup for the occasion with laser, Co2 effects and impressive sound systems.

The merchandising is also very interesting, well stocked and full of great gadgets and t-shirts.

In these days , The BPM Festival has revealed its phase 2 artist lineup and first wave of showcases for its second edition.

As we can see, the line-up is really huge and for sure he will not disappoint our expectations!

Enviable locations, sun, sea, great music … What are you waiting for?

Join with us!