Dude Club: one of the most coherent clubs in Milan

4. Dude Club is a place that Milaners know well

It’s typically a techno club, but it also has a house music spirit. Splitted in two different rooms, we dance in the Main room where we usually find artists more oriented in techno movement and the Astronomical Observatory where we usually find happy music and more solar live-sets, in fact here we can find sets ranging from house to jazzup up to funkie.

3. Artistic proposal

Dude Club has an international artistic proposal that ranges from Detroit to Berlin’s artists, and from Eastern Europe to North Africa’s musical cultures. The club is intimate, dark and concrete. It has a capacity around 500 people in main room and 100 in the second.

2. Club-nights

Club-nights are usually on Friday and Saturday, every week from September to late June. Then, from July onwards the club organizes 3 different open-air parties at the Circolo Magnolia, for “La Domenica Elettronica” (as Electronic Sunday in english), a party running from the afternoon until midnight, offering artists of depth and high musical caliber. It goes from Moodymann to Peggy Gou and many others.

1. La Domenica Elettronica

It is here that Milan gets, according to our editorial staff, one of the most beautiful and special events of the year. We surely suggest this party if you are planning to come to Milan during the summer season. Before booking flights and hotels, check the scheduled parties, this particular open air is held only 3 times on summer.