Excited for DGTL Barcelona? Here 6 things you didn’t know about DGTL

DGTL is one of the most relevant festival in the world.

Throughout the years it delivered an astonishing amount of top quality music, a unique set up evolving every edition – but always keeping the industrial touch of its origins – and massive line ups with a perfect combination of local talents and international stars.

Being today considered a benchmark, also thanks to the particular attention to sustainability and the environment, much has been said about it. But maybe, we can find a few things you still do not know about DGTL.. here the 6 things you didn’t know about DGTL!


– … Barcelona is the Amsterdam on the Mediterranean Sea?

This is the 4th time DGTL takes over Barcelona and it’s getting bigger every year. It’s the first city DGTL chose to have the festival out of its boundaries, followed then by Tel Aviv, Sao Paolo and Santiago de Chile.

However, there is a special connection between the Dutch capital and the Catalan city facing the Mediterranean Sea. Barcelona has indeed many similarities with Amsterdam, particularly in terms of electronic music events. A vibrant, modern and cosmopolitan city where everyone feels at home, free to express their personalities with mutual respect and togetherness.

Coupling this welcoming and open minded culture, with the summery vibes of the warmer weather, makes Barcelona the perfect location for the DGTL summer edition. Besides this, the Parc du Fòrum‘s industrial look fits perfectly into the original concept of the festival.

  • … DGTL is a full experience, not only music, but innovative and inclusive art forms and installations which will make you part of the show?

In addition to music, technology and sustainability – the three basic values behind this festival – DGTL also aims to track and disseminate today’s most relevant cultural and artistic projects. This year, the festival will offer a wide variety of performances and conceptual art installations in a first-rate integral program.

Last year, highlights included an impressive Supergrid installation, the Catalans Playmodes, and the collaboration between the studios Palnoise and Volumetricks.

This year, the festival introduces Cluster 2.0, a new arrival in the DGTL family. An immersive art installation in which the audience will be able to witness a puzzling relationship between space, time and perception. It will be brought to you again by the local studio Playmodes, creating an art piece featuring a unique and eye-catching design destined to become a memorable part of the whole DGTL experience.

The names and themes of the different stages are also announced already: Modular, Generator, Frequency and AMP.

– … DGTL is one of the most environmentally friendly festival around?

Last 25th of October, BIME’s Premios Fest announced the winners of the award’s 4th edition in a ceremony celebrated at the Bilbao Arena. DGTL received the Award for Spain’s Most Sustainable Festival. Premios Fest are the only awards in Spain given to music festivals, bringing together festival promoters, brands and other professionals.

DGTL focuses on electronic music and digital art, but has always been concerned by the issue of sustainability, with new initiatives such as urine recycling and several ludic actions aimed at raising awareness among the audience. The festival also removed meat from menus to help reduce CO2 emissions and launched numerous campaigns for waste collection and the use of recyclable glasses.

DGTL commitments to sustainability traces back from the origin of the event, being on the edge of innovation in this field. For example, they recently set up a system where all the leftovers from the meals consumed onsite can be immediately turned into compost, with the remaining natural waste then delivered to various urban farmers.

– … DGTL just recently helped cleaning the beach of Barcelona?

Barcelona is known for its spectacular combination of sea, mountain and a bustling city in-between. But perhaps lesser-known is the fact that its sandy beaches usually meet sunrise with a mantle of litter: plastic, cigarrette buts, cans and glass, amongst other (worst) things.

DGTL partnered up with Oceanic Global and Nike Box Barcelona to gather as much volunteers as we could to help clean the Barceloneta beach, with sup boards and divers included. Over 100 people heeded the call and, after more than two hours of thorough scanning, and now we can safely say that the beach looks much nicer now!

– … DGTL Barcelona is the fastest growing show of the DGTL family?

DGTL Barcelona is the fastest growing DGTL event! The first edition gathered 20K people, 30K for the second one and last year over 35K electronic music lovers from 53 different countries were partying in the Catalan city. This year, we can expect even more!

At the same time, it will not loose its unique industrial touch, as they will have a massive amount of containers  – 87 to precise – to build up the stages and the surrounding areas.

… DGTL may change the way we approach festivals and big events around the world?

Concerned by the issue of accountability towards the environment, the festival launched years ago the Revolution project, which aims to continuously keep sustainability top-of-mind while organizing big events. In this way,  DGTL is constantly adapting its organization and making fundamental changes to their festival set-up and in their day-to-day activities.

Throughout the year, the festival explores the newest technological innovations to help reduce waste, lower CO2 emissions, increase awareness and stimulate sustainable participation amongst the visitors.

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– … the timetable for the event is available? Check it below: