Hivern Discs showcases its 10 YEARS anniversary


Hivern Discs turns 10 years

Hivern Discs the eclectic electronic record label based in the Catalonian capital of Barcelona will be showcasing it’s 10 year anniversary next Monday (10th September) and boy o boy do they have a party and half in store for all you clubbers.

Ten years in the making, the label has quietly emerged as a name with high respect in the electronic music scene, using a traditional approach to attract followers and fans without the use of turning to commercial remixes, and instead supporting quality underground vibes that have resulted in numerous club bangers.

Next week they will celebrate this big event, their ten year anniversary and the lineup is one that will make the hairs on your arms stand up. The venue they have chosen is the Vila Habana, a truly iconic spot situated in in Castellbisba 30 mins outside of Barcelona which  is a neoclassical estate built in 1953 that overlooks absolutely beautiful gardens and has gained itself a reputation as a venue for mad parties.

Expect an event like no other. Not only will you be raving in a venue of extreme beauty that will treat your eyes, but you will have a selection of underground legends performing for you on two separate stages that will run from 4pm to 4am the following morning.

The first stage is the Garden Stage, where you will have full view of the beauty of this venue. Here you will hear the likes of Mistakes Are Ok b2b JMII, Cleveland, The Pilotwings (Live), Oceanic, Aleksi Perala (Live), John Talabot, Inga Mauer and to top it all off Ben UFO.

The second stage is named fittingly, the Galaxy Stage, and will bring you musical energy and vibes from, Daniel Baughman, Sapphire Slows (Live), Alicia Carrera, As Longitude (Live), Benedikt Frey, Khidja (Live), CPI and then to top it off a mix mash of Hivern label All Stars.

This party has fun, beauty and originality written all over it. Hivern have been around for 10 years and we will be following them for 10 more. The artists and music that they promote and develop has a personality of its own and when they throw a party, it’s no doubt a memorable one.

If you will be visiting Barcelona this coming weekend and have to go home on Sunday, cancel your return flight and extend for a few more days to enjoy this one of a kind event in Castellbisba . Clubber Confession will be there and we can’t wait to get involved in what is gearing up to be one of the biggest day/night parties of the year.