DRIFT Festival
26 november 2016, Nijmegen (NL)

Everything happened like it was planned, but it was not.

It was Friday night, the 18th of November, me and my friend (I’ll call him Pac-Man) went to Blauwdruk, a great and well-known party in Nijmegen (NL). I was completely into the good vibes Rahaan was giving us, in a warm and underground environment. Suddenly, I recognize a familiar face in the crowd: it was Alex, a funky dude I met at Dornroosje a few months before, sharing the energic music of Dj Rush.
He asked me if I was going to DRIFT Festival on the week after, as every local clubber was.
The only problem: soldout and no easy way to sneak in.
His solution: helping him to work on Art Installations for the festival to earn the StaffPass and manage to join that event. And so that’s what I did.

Creating art installations – 3days before

Three days before DRIFT we went to the venue: huge fallow fields nearby an industrial area just outside Nijmegen. Five stages in hangars and circus sheds against the cold and windy weather of the Netherlands: KATHEDRAAL (Octave One live, Dj Nobu, ROD…), NYMA (Patrice Baumel, Tom Trago…), VASIM hosted by DJBroadcast (Shanti Celeste & Funkineven…), NDRPNTS and THE TRIBE.

Our task was to decorate all the chillout area and the paths between the stages, fixing umbrellas to long bamboo sticks, to represent autumn: the real theme of this edition of DRIFT festival.

A great experience of teamwork, a familiar and friendly environment that I’ll never forget: with a beautiful artistic result.


That Saturday I’ve been enjoying DRIFT not as a common visitor or passionate clubber: I’ve been proud to be part of that project, to help on the creation of that music festival that provided to its public deep and intense emotions.
A unique and incredible experience directly from the heart of the festival.



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