Kruder + Dorfmeister + Mount Kimbie = YESS! :) | Milan

Kruder & Dorfmeister + Mount Kimbie will be the guests of second date of Magazzini Generali’s 25th Season. 

This is an unmissable event for true party goers of quality electronic music. Funk melodies, jazz arrangements, housel, hiphop, dub, reggae, ambient, fusion, brasile, chansons, dope beat and drum plus bass and many other influences find the interest of the two Austrian DJs.

Kruder & Dorfmeister

Kruder & Dorfmeister

Kruder & Dorfmeister is an Austrian duo known for their trip hop/downtempo remixes of pop, hip hop and drum and bass songs.

In 1993 they released their first EP G-Stoned featuring the hypnotic “High Noon” and a cover resembling Simon & Garfunkel’s Bookends to critical acclaim especially from the UK. Gilles Peterson played the track at first on his BBC show Worldwide.

The K & D Sessions is a double album by Kruder & Dorfmeister, gathers most of the duo’s productions and remixes. It was published by Studio! K7 on August 19, 1998 as a double CD with mixed tracks and as a collection of four 12-inch vinyl records.

Mount Kimbie

Mount Kimbie

Mount Kimbie is an English electronic music duo consisting of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos. Formed in 2008, the duo departed from the musical template of the UK dubstep scene releasing early EPs Maybes and Sketch on Glass to critical praise the following year. The band signed with Warp Records in 2012, and released their second album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth the following year and third album Love What Survives in September 2017. They have collaborated with artists such as James Blake, King Krule and Micachu.

Mount Kimbie’s early work drew from the contemporary UK dubstep scene while expanding beyond its typical scope.

The Guardian described them as “leading an exploratory breakaway from bass-heavy dubstep towards a lighter, hazier style of electronica rich with drowsy ambience and chopped-up found sounds.” According to Resident Advisor, in their work “dubstep is unraveled and reassembled from its brawny rhythms upward connecting the dots between musique concrète, R&B, hip-hop, drone and the midnight gospel sounds of Burial.” In 2009, Pitchfork Media described their music as making use of “sped-up vocal samples, little tunnels of ambience, unimposing synth patches, and syncopated percussion that sounds like someone putting away the silverware,” clarifying that “their rhythms are still dubstep in DNA – deftly syncopated, slightly off-center, ambiguously danceable– but most of what they lay on top of the beat sounds like it’s being dragged out from places dubstep usually doesn’t go: R&B, post-rock, IDM”.

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Date: October 4th
Venue: Magazzini Generali
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