LISBON: Best Parties in Lisbon | City Guide | Weekend: 06.06 – 06.09 + Santo António

Hi everyone! Another weekend is coming and with it, another of my über-selected list of events happening in Lisbon! Last time someone complained about me not mentioning all the arraiais happening around the city, I’m not the biggest fan of Pimba music, but this time I dedicated the last page of the list to the events happening on the 12th, the night of Santo António.

1. THURSDAY / June 6th

  • Today starts with a chill drink at Quiosque de São Bento where I will be playing a mix of funk, disco, and world music. A nice way to move the first baby steps into the weekend while meeting cool people. (There is a place just next to the kiosk ready to host us in case of rain.)
  • If then you want to keep shaking your hips, Claudia Moonchild is going to be playing at Suave, Bairro Alto.
  • Finally, if you’re one of those people that either party hard or doesn’t party at all, your night should definitely continue at Music Box, where the CAKE collective is going to light up the dancefloor till late.

2. FRIDAY / June 7th

  • A new space to explore, a harpist on stage, and Funkamente behind the decks: with this offer it isn’t hard to believe that Indiefrente is one of the fastest growing parties in town! Dance with them this Friday from 6 pm till midnight.
  • I think I mentioned several times that Lounge is one of my favorite places in Lisbon. This Friday I will also be playing there with Heidy P, making it the absolute best place in town. Don’t miss it!
  • The crew from Modmotif moves away for one night from their residency at Green House Hello Park and lands at In Bloom. Downtempo, House and Techno grooves for you to get down to.

3. SATURDAY / June 8th

  • Anjos70 get invaded by music an arts, starting from 4 pm, for the 3rd episode of Rizoma. Up to you if you want to show up there after resting or not!
  • Even though Rui Vargas is Lux-Frágil’s music director and resident since day 1, it’s not so common to hear him playing all night long. I’m a big fan of long sets and I think this will be one of the best nights to fully appreciate his talent and music culture, without huge lines at the entrance. Plus, in case you need a break, Telma is on the rooftop.
  • Arraial Tropical will host 12 hours of party, with 9 DJs behind the decks, drinks, food, and sun. This sounds to me like the best way to spend a Saturday afternnon and night!

4. SUNDAY / June 9th

  • What’s better than raving? Raving with a purpose! At this party, they will raise money, toys, whatever, to the pediatric service of IPO – LISBOA.
  • Joe Delon himself is back spinning at Purex and I can’t imagine a better way to spend a Sunday night than consuming my shoe soles with his selection.
  • If you’re willing to venture to the beach and catch some sun around Costa da Caparica, Yamba is coming back with another party starting at 4 pm, but it’s only after the sun goes down that the magic happens!


This day the city will go nuts, there will be people partying basically everywhere, Anjos70 is gonna have a two days event, Lounge is hosting a night that lies between a party and a religious ritual, MazeX is opening again the rooftop for an after-work drink, so on and so forth.

After the craziness in the city ends, the place to continue the party with the finest house music will be ela. As you probably know, their obsession for having a good vibe in a safe space is pretty strict (and it works!) so to get in you need to be in one of the ambassadors’ list. This time the place will be way smaller than the last party they had, so if you want to make sure to get in or you need more info about the party, drop me a message.

I’m almost scared by the amount of cool thing to do these next days, Lisbon in June goes totally nuts, but after 4 years I still can’t get enough. Meet you on the dancefloor!

(For suggestions or event submissions, you can send me an email at