LISB-ON Festival: The Ultimate Groove

Welcome to the Sound Garden 2018

One year after the great edition of Lisb-On, Jardim Sonoro 2017 – which brought artists like Nina Kraviz, Svën Vath, Kiasmos, Tony Allen and Amp Fiddler [read the article here] to the sunny capital of Portugal – we finally meet again for another couple of days dancing in this secret sound garden.

I only had the opportunity to join the festival on the last day, but let me tell you: the mood was more relaxed, warm and colourful than last year. The doors opened just after lunch time. If you looked down the line, you could see families with children, a few groups of young teens dressed in flower patterned t-shirts and a lot of non-Portuguese speakers. Probably enjoying their last days in vacation.

Lick the groove

Remembering the time I got to see Kerri Chandler in Milan [in a party co-organized by Clubber Confession] I was kind of ready to dance a lot from the moment I walked in.

Larry Heard had just started playing when I arrived at the front line of the main stage. The sun was going down but there was still enough light to look around and feel energised by all the people dancing around me. He’s a legend of Chicago’s house music. The type of artist that plays with a smile on his face throughout his whole set. Definitely, aligned the crowd and prepared us to level up the groove for the next performance.

I don’t think there was anyone on this garden that didn’t dance nonstop to Kerri‘s two hour set. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to open your arms and scream, that makes your body electric and satisfies your soul. Everyone came along! It’s because of moments like these that I strongly believe that dance music has a unique power and strength able to change lives and cure minds. Never neglect the purity of someone’s smile banging their feet on the floor and shaking their hips to the sound of true house music.

This was a short yet mindful experience that I feel extremely grateful to have been a part of. Next year’s edition will surely keep our spirits up and excited and hopefully I’ll meet you there.

Thank you all for the hugs and the smiles!

Maria’s Confession – Lisb-On Festival 2018