Alzaya presents David Vunk at Tempio del Futuro Perduto

Alzaya presents David Vunk at Tempio del Futuro Perduto next December 6th

Alzaya is a gash in space-time. A unplace that has its capital in MilanAn indefinite time that began in the 80s and continues into the future. Alzaya is a window on a boundless landscape where ethnic rhythms meet European electronics.

On December 6th we will see a great Milan’ers lineup made up by Alzaya Record (Volantis and Nicodemo togheter) then John Dre (Alzaya Record as well) and David Vunk (Moustache Records) from Rotterdam.

By/Thanks to Tempio del Futuro Perduto

Born and raised in Rotterdam, Moustache Records label boss David Vunk is “The Beast of the Harbour City” with 25 years of DJ experiences to draw on. From acid to techno, Italo disco to electro and all the way back.

David Vunk works up powerful sounds that are built on rough edged analog basslines, forceful drums and electrifying synths but does so with a sense of narrative that always keeps you guessing. He has energy to spare when in the booth and can contort a dance floor and fire up a crowd in an instant. He makes thrilling transitions between records that are instinctive and intriguing, whether sizing up his sound for a big festival stage or honing in on more intimate dynamics for a small and sweaty basement.

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It’s a skill you cannot fake, and one he has picked up from endless hours of playing places like Boiler Room at Dekmantel. Closing sets at Lowlands Festival or at cult clubs like Lab.oraltory and Panoramabar. Burning as bright now as he did a quarter of a century ago, he played more than 120 gigs across Europe and the rest of the world in 2018.

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