Berghain in Milan: Marcel Dettmann vs DVS1 for the first time together in Milan

Marcel Dettmann and DVS1 together for the first time in Milan on the stage of Magazzini Generali.

Date: November 15th – Friday
Venue: Magazzini Generali
Opening: 11PM
Linep: Marcel Dettmann, DVS1, Volantis
Tickets: by Dice

Marcel Dettmann

Widely associated with Berlin and institutions Berghain and Hard Wax, Marcel Dettmann has remained true to his roots by consistently seeking to innovate electronic music, particularly in regards to integrating visual art and techno. Raised in the former GDR, Dettmann developed his passion for electronic music early, counting new wave, post-punk and industrial music as his strongest influences – long before discovering techno and eventually immersing himself in it. Since the early 90s he has been a fixture in Berlin as both an artist and DJ, becoming a resident at OstGut in 1999. He has also held a residency at OstGut’s successor Berghain since its opening in 2004 until today.


As a resident DJ of Berlin’s infamous Berghain / Panorama Bar, DVS1 moves floors of the world’s most prestigious and best venues crafting the art of DJing through always being in the mix, pushing his own boundaries and sensitively reacting to the people’s energy. Molded by massive sound systems composed of walls of speakers, DVS1’s vision of techno is based on the physical power of music. Zak’s pure approach of sound being his personal channel to capture the very moment in time is as dedicated as his continuation to shape the electronic scene in his hometown Minneapolis – from throwing illegal warehouse parties to owning a nightclub to running his own sound company for two decades.

After his first original releases on Klockworks and Transmat, he was not only introduced to a bigger audience, hence creating a strong fellowship for his own imprints: While HUSH showcase DVS1’s love for deep, purist techno and only his music, Mistress Recordings reflects his wide range as a beat and rhythm addict presenting some of his secret weapons that touches all corners of the dance floor and beyond. With a combination of deep musical knowledge, unparalleled enthusiasm, and a vinyl collection of more than 30,000 records, DVS1 is also renowned as an outspoken defender of underground’s true values that established the American DJ, producer and label owner as a truly exceptional character of today’s contemporary electronic music scene.

Opening act by Volantis starting at 11PM.

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