Norvegian artist Todd Terje finally comes back to Milan | Triennale Milano

Todd Terje returns to Milan for a special date at Triennale Milano next September 6th.

In the opening of the night we will find Paula Tape and Volantis.

He hasn’t been back to Milan since that year, that wonderful year, 2014. In fact, one of the most important albums of the last decade was released that year, we are talking about It’s Album Time of Todd Terje. We can’t no mention he’s best known for his 2012 house track “Inspector Norse” and for “Jungle”, nominated for Record of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards.

Called “King of the summer jams by Mixmag, “one third of the Holy Trinity of Norwegian disco” by Spin magazine, and “one of [the Scandinavian dance scene’s] prominent figures” by AllMusic, Todd Terje made his name with a string of remixes and re-edits in the mid 2000s. He is the younger brother of Olaf Olsen, who often performs drums for Terje’s live shows.

This will be the first date of Club Nation‘s new season. Next dates are already been released finding Ricardo Villalobos on September 27th at Magazzini Generali, then Jon Hopkins and Mount Kimbie on October 4th in the same concert hall venue.

Nuove Forme / New Forms: is a new Contemporary Music Review by Club Nation at Triennale Milano

Because music is a constantly evolving art form. Through the use of technology we are used to listening to sounds through electronic instruments and mixers. The “New Forms” of music are also usable in unconventional spaces, indeed in these very areas can demonstrate strong links with what surrounds them. The aim of this exhibition is to focus on the link between new musical languages and the unusual places where they can be developed and transformed.

Nuove Forme will take place in the garden of Triennale Milano through a series of events. The first is scheduled for September 6, 2019 with Todd Terje.