Plastic: the historical splendour of Milan opened for the first time in 1980

Not everyone knows that Lucio Nisi, creator together with Nicola Guiducci of Plastic, before joining this adventure ran a fruit and vegetable store. From the first flyer released in 1980, today Plastic has come a long way. The credit goes above all to his tireless dj Nicola Guiducci for more than 30 years behind the console.

Crossroads of art, fashion and music: you found yourself there from Keith Haring (a great friend of Nicola whose letters he still preserves today) to Andy Warhol, passing through Fiorucci; then there were the lucky ones who were able to go beyond the rigid selection and who perhaps would become the designers, artists, directors of tomorrow. With the success, the family also grew: in 1990 Pinky arrived and in 1995 Sergio Tavelli, who became the mainstay of Plastic. Inside always the usual dissolving of bodies, strobes and lights that enveloped you. Every night was different and the best part was the one you didn’t expect.

Now it has changed location, from Viale Umbria has moved to Via Gargano (near the new Prada Foundation) but the impression is that you try to recreate always the same night.