Pleinvrees: bringing melodies at the centre of Amsterdam clubbing scene.

In recent times festivals, events and nights of electronic music have been growing and growing in numbers, not always in quality. The market is huge and the potential public is now so vast that almost everyone thought it was worth it a try. From Europe to the US, from South America to Asia, new forces have been landing on the scene. Some of them have disappeared in a blink of an eye, others have resisted and cemented their stance in the international scene.
After 6 years we can safely say that Pleinvrees is now very much alive and vibrant, with a bright future ahead. Launched in 2010 as a simple event amongst friends during Queensday in Amsterdam, it is now a well-established reality in the Netherlands, a Country with a long tradition for clubbing and electronic music.
Pleinvrees runs around two big events, one in late summer and another one just before Christmas, and other more intimate nights with more than 20 parties during the year. This year they expanded their reach and hosted a party in Berlin at Sisyphos.
We are just a few days before one of the highlights of the year for Pleinvrees, the summer Festival on the 3rd of September in Amsterdam. In the beautiful scenario of the Sportpark Riekerhaven, where many other festivals have been already held in the past, it is announced as a medium sized event with a mixed selection of artists, from big international names to more underground and local ones.

Pleinvrees Festival 2016 © KIRSTEN VAN SANTEN

Five stages with different sounds, from deep to house, from live acts to more tropical and techy influences.
The Netherlands have always been a core market for electronic music. Many times not enough recognised abroad, it was home of many cultural impulses that paved the way to what is today electronic music, techno in particular, but not only. From the disco time of Club de Koer by Eddy De Clerq, to the harder sound of Cartuche in Utrecht, from the Music Take Control parties wth their glamour fanciness to the Miss Djaxx events, from the huge festival like Dance Valley and Misteryland, the Netherlands were always pushing up boundaries and exploring new paths that would then be followed by others.
The smart intuition of the Pleinvrees crew was to build up an event around melodies, being it more house or techno oriented, so to anticipate a tendency that is today quite evident in the international scene (we have talked about this rise of melodies in electronic music with Edu Imbernon, find the interview here Melodic house or melodic techno is growing not just in Europe, but it is taking away attention to EDM in the US as well. This is probably one of the strength behind Pleinvrees today, which is a party built around “contemporary house music with a warm and melodic sound”. I would say that it is not just simply house music, as in the case of the last Christmas Party in Amsterdam when they had several performances quite techno oriented, but the focus on the melodies is always present and clear.

Complete Line Up

This year’s Festival will have five stages and will present a brilliant lineup, with Fritz Kalkbrenner and Gui Boratto, Danny Daze and Dominik Eulberg, a precious b2b between Finnebassen and Tsepo, Adana Twins and Frankey & Sandrino. They will also host the guys from Hungry Music (Worakls, N’To, Joachim Pastor) and the Keinemusik crew (Adam Port, &Me, David Mayer). And many more.
You can be sure that the organisation will be smooth, no one can beat Dutch people when you talk about organising festivals. You will find lots of smiling people, good vibes and (hopefully) some sunshine to warm you up in a properly equipped nice park in the middle of Amsterdam.

We will be there and we are trying to secure some surprises for you with some special interviews. In the meantime, you can enjoy some podcasts from their Soundcloud page, have a taste!

Be sure not to miss this party if you happen to be around Amsterdam this Saturday!