First review of 2017, first club in the Netherlands to review: what better than one of the most important clubs in Amsterdam, RADION, during its highlander and crazy weekender?

just got out of RADION – 11.30AM

So here’s what I did: sent an email asking for the usual PressPass + fixing a little talk with someone of the production.
I arrive on Friday night, more or less at 2AM and, just like everyone else to get in, I have to wait in a quite long line; I start talking with other passionate clubbers like me.

As soon as I arrive at the gate, Marcel comes to pick me up: he is going to show me around and follow me during the visit.
Really cool guy, full of gratitude and deep emotions for RADION: he started working there after a great internship experience.

On the line – 2AM

data sheet

– Address: Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam (NL)

– Spaces: 2 Rooms + smoking area + café + expo area

– Capacity: 600-1000

– Sound system:

  • Main Room:
    4-way VOID stasis system – 8x 18″ sub and a delay line for the balcony powered by Powersoft amps (around 18.000 watts).
  • Bovenkamer (2nd Room):
    5-way Profsound system with a delay line for the back of the room. There’s a lot of confusion about the brand name, but it’s an older Dutch company that operated from Spain.
    Not exactly one of the big names in club PA’s, but RADION (and a lot of their guests, personally I do) think it sounds fantastic.  It produces a surprising amount of low-end frequencies and does it with deep accuracy.

– Selection at the entrance: Not strict

– Picture/video’s policy: No cameras allowed

– Rating: Strongly suggested

Main Room – VOID soundsystem [ exclusive pic of this space empty: credits to Tom ten Seldam ]
I start with specific questions about the weekender: they started its production in November, there are more or less 15 people always working during it and so on… The weekender (Friday-Sunday 24/24 no-stop) is possible thanks to the well-known and extremely coveted 24 hours permit, that RADION obtained in may 2015. Things that in Italy, my own country, are not even imaginable.

Then Marcel tells me that they are changing the setup of the light system and other effects every 4/6 months, since october 2014, introducing also projected visuals and video-mapping.
During their parties are performing not only DJs and musicians, but also dancers, buskers and other artists, contributing to create that magical atmosphere which I lived after the interview as a pure clubber: fabulous vibes, guys!

Main Room – 7AM [ Credits ph: De Fotomeisjes ]
Then something about the history of RADION: the club itself started up during ADE 2014 with artists like Laurent Garnier, Nastia, Trus’me, Molly, Vril and Skudge. Before being transformed into the mystical place that is it today, RADION (ex ACTA) used to be an academic center of dentistry with huge amphitheater classrooms. One of those has been completely settled as a Main Room with stage, dance floor and balcony; another one (Bovenkamer) has been left untouched as it used to be, an amphitheater: here is where the show, the real magic happens!


Bovenkamer (Second Room) – ADE’16

Marcel explains me that RADION, as is evident looking into their line-ups, is always booking progressive, underground or peculiar and sublime artists, taking distance from too many clubs booking always the same big names of the industry: RADION is a proper club, RADION has a soul.

After our conversation and a few cigarettes gone, I happily reach the Second Room, Bovenkamer, and the wave of energy that is crashing on every single person dancing in that space. I attend the great performance of XDB and enjoy the beautiful melodies of Molly, keeping on understanding that place every second more and more.

Marcel and other guys from the production staff join me in that amphitheater full of passion, dancing and appreciating the situation as me and all the other clubbers: incredible, I’m really impressed!

Bovenkamer (Second Room) – 11AM

Thank you RADION’s crew: I’ve been pleased by your fantastic and brilliant work.

Thank you, as a journalist, for your kind and familiar availability that made this article possible, written to spread your real and special nature of artists composing incredible shows.

Thank you, as a real clubber, for your pure vibes and ongoing commitment: keep it real!




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