Raving to Rominimal at Parque del Forum in Barcelona

Raving to Rominimal at Parque del Forum

Sonar Off week which took place in Barcelona just over 1 month ago once again provided an atmosphere like no other for electronic music lovers from Europe and around the world. Having visited the city to party during this week twice in the past, this was the first time I had the opportunity to do it while living here and I have to say it was more of a pleasure this time round than ever before.

Of course, you are spoilt for choice during this particular week of the year, there are too many party options all over town. But, there are some venues that beat the rest for the vibe that they provide and Parque del Forum is certainly one of those. I got myself down there this year for the A:rpia:r showcase party to hear tunes from some of Romania’s biggest techno names including Raresh, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu, Dan Andrei and Kozo. Clubbers, if you don’t already know these guys, check them out. It’s an order!

Parque del Forum as a venue is perfectly placed in its location. An impressive waterfront complex with a semi-industrial feel that gives it a high level of “ravers ambiance” when the party is in full swing. It was the perfect venue for such an event, enough room to dance with no stress, a nice display of lights, a decent sound system and of course, a group of 5 Romanians who are known to break boundaries with their musical capabilities.

First on the decks was Kozo who warmed the crowd up for Dan Andrei, both of whom teased our ears with some of the typical sounds of Romanian techno or as it is called, “Rominimal”. What followed next was a mix mash from the world famous Romanian trio, A:rpia:r, made up of Raresh, Rhaddoo and Petre Inspirescu who got on the decks for the remainder of the time, playing back to back and taking the crowd through a musical journey from daylight to sunset to nightfall.

A style of music that has gained much international recognition in recent years, “Romininal” is Romania’s answer to underground minimal techno where its local DJ’s have set a new precedent for the type of sounds that they have created. One way to describe it would be minimal techno from space that has been massaged with some very soft hands. Established Romanian DJ’s like the A:rpia:r crew work with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Ricardo Villalobos and have rightfully earned their place as trend setters with the unique sounds that they orchestrate and play. Checking each of them out as solo acts at club nights around the world is an amazing experience, but attending an actual A:rpia:r event puts things on another level. Read more about the Rominimal movement here. Check out A:rpia:r on SoundCloud here.

Raving in Barcelona is always special but I have to say, at this particular event, everything was on point, the venue, the sea breeze, the sound system, the tunes and the eclectic Barcelona vibe. As a dedicated clubber, one who has been around the block a few times, I only have compliments for Parque del Forum as a venue and loads of love for the epic Rominimal music that was heard. I will for sure be back again and again to catch more of my favorite DJ’s at this special venue by the sea.