Santeria Social Club: one of the most friendly places in the city

Santeria Social Club is a well known space in Milan. And it is inevitable: on the other hand, the property is the same as Santeria, sixteen guys who love music more than anyone on this earth, who for 20 years have promoted concerts and cultural events, open spaces, put records, play and agitate a city that is not asleep. Santeria Social Club is their and our home: a very big space, former Volvo’s concessionary at the time when the car was still a status symbol, then become for a few months a temporary club dedicated to techno.

In addition to a drink before dinner, we suggest you to go there after dinner or on Saturday and Sunday at lunch when on the small stage you can find alternate concerts, preview of what happens in the theater of Santeria Social Club.

A really beautiful space, an unique room with large gray arches and a capacity of about 500 people. Santeria Social Club does not end there, there are also coworking, print club and workshop room to learn more from life.

The impression is that of a place that was missing in Milan: first of all because often, after the concerts, the public disperses, while here will have the opportunity to stop at the bar and to meet and discuss with other smiling people.