Worakls: bringing melodies @fuse Brussels

To me, the beauty of electronic music is the flexibility. Along its spectrum, you can find the right soundtrack for almost any moment of your life. Warm and folding for the sad ones, cheerful and uplifting for the good. Melancholia and regret can be healed with the waves of the right mild melody, while passion and hope can be boosted by the beat of a perky and bright harmony.

The tricky part, though, lies in the balance. Balance is the key. Not just for electronic music, but essentially for any artwork. It is more metaphysic, intangible, but you clearly feel it when is there.

Balance is what makes a track special, something worth investing your time for. It also very rare to find, in the immense sea of production we have today in the electronic music scene.

The classic orchestra sounds, the airy pads, combined into a passionate harmonic progression and arranged through a clear sound are some of the features you can find in the music proposed by Worakls. What makes it special, however, is the balance.

In his recent gig at Fuse in Brussels, Worakls proposed, as usual, the music he creates to a crowd of people normally used to harsher techy sounds. He gave us one night to remember, many smiles and the privilege of watching a great artist performing at his best.

I have been a long time fan of Kevin, but I think that step by step he is centring himself as an artist and becoming one of the finest music producer around. You can feel this under your skin when you see him playing, essentially because you can feel the balance between different elements more and more. We sat down for a few minutes, talking about his origins, the last US tour, the new album and the orchestra he will be playing with in the next few months.

Hi Kevin, thanks for the chat!
You have been playing around for quite a lot now, many years. Have you ever played before at here at Fuse Brussels?

Worakls: Yes I played once, I think it was two years ago. I have very good memories of the first gig, this is the second time and I am very happy to be here in this great club.

You have a very recognizable sound, focused on melodies and your own production. Do you adapt the set depending on the location and the crowd? Playing in a more techno oriented venue like fuse, does it influence you into slightly changing your approach?

Worakls: Yes and no. Yes, I adapt a little because playing live gives me the opportunity of bringing up some variations, it is more flexible we can say and I am truly free to express myself. At the same time, however, I must say I am quite lucky to have people coming to my gigs particularly for my music, my productions. So in any case, I just play my music, which is always a privilege.

You are still very young, but you have many years of career behind you already. When did you realise that music could have been your life and profession? Did you have a moment when you figured out that this was not just a passion anymore?

Worakls: To be honest, I knew it from the beginning. I quit university when I was just 18, because the only thought in my mind was music 24 hours a day. There were no other options in my mind and I did not want to waste my time for something that was not interesting to me. I have never asked myself, at any point, if I would be able to become a professional musician. But instead I was concerned about how to achieve this dream. I have been playing music since I was 3 years old, so for me it was very natural to continue this path. Music has always been my life and the environment in which I am more comfortable in.

You told us you have a solid musical background. Have you always been passionate about electronic music?

Worakls: Actually I discovered electronic music when I was around 16 and I was amazed by a night with Eric Prydz back then. He showed me the potential of electronic music, I soon realized that almost everything was possible, that this was a very flexible and open genre. With electronic music you could create your own world and this is I wanted to do.

We are called Clubber Confession and we always ask this question to the artists we meet. Have you been a clubber before being a DJ and producer? And do you think it is necessary to be a clubber in order to be a good dj?

Worakls: I have been quite a clubber, yeah. At least for a couple of years I have been partying around with friends. It has been helpful for sure, because you have the chance to understand better the people in a club. Having been on the other side allows you to grasp better the dynamic of a dance floor. So that is important, but..at the end of the day it’s all about the music. If your music is good, not matter if you have been clubbing or not, people are gonna like it.

What are your plans in the next future? Can we expect something production wise?

Worakls: Yes, I am about to finish my album and I am very excited about it! I have been working on this for quite a while now and it is a very complex work. It has also been very difficult to regularly work on it, due to the intense tour (ed. Worakls has just been back from a massive US tour!!!). The plan is to slow down a bit the gigs and dates around, focus on this project in order to complete the album in a couple of months. The release is foreseen for end of this year or beginning of 2019.

And after that we know you have something planned with the orchestra, correct?

Worakls: Yes, I am preparing a tour with a full orchestra. I played with them already once and I really loved it. I think that this is really my style, the way I express myself fully. It is not easy at all, very complicated, but fulfilling at the same time. I compose music and produce it for that kind of scenario.

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How many people will play with you? How many musicians on stage?

Worakls: For now, I think it will be around 20 classical musicians. Of course, as we will start the tour we will see if any change is needed, some additions or little adjustments on the go will be probably needed. I am very proud to have involved the Philharmonic orchestra from my hometown, Aix-En-Provence and I cannot wait to start this new project!

We are used to have you touring in Europe, but we know you just came back from your US tour. How was it? Have you perceived a different vibe over there?

Worakls: This was my first time in the US, so maybe I will have to go back more to have a full picture of their scene. Hungry Music and me have already an hisgtroy, if we can say so, here in Europe and we are quite new in America. It is a place with a lot of opportunities and under many aspects still has to potential to grow. I really loved my time there and I hope to go back as soon as I can!

Do you have anything planned together with your Hungry Music partners?

Worakls: We are about to launch a project called the Hungry Five, because we want something special to celebrate the five years of the label. We will play this summer all around Europe, from big festivals to smaller places, and I cannot wait to get around with my friends and have some fun!