International Music Summit – Ibiza 2018

The Vibe

The first day of International Music Summit 2018 finished with a great event organized by DJ Mag – an exclusive set by house music legend David Morales on the Hard Rock Hotel Rooftop.

This warm gathering happened after full day marked by the debates on mental health, sexual harassment in DJ culture and a vibrant IMS Accelerator,where three exciting start-up projects related to the electronic music industry were presented to an audience of possible customers, investors and partners.

At around 8pm, the conference room of Hard Rock Hotel became emptier and the crowd moved to the top floor. Upstairs a fresh breeze from the sea, a colorful sunset and overwhelming views were awaiting us.

The wonderful panoramic view over the mountains of Ibiza

As I am making my way through the crowd heading to the bar, a group of people dressed up in neon yellow tops intersect my way. An older woman with a cowboy hat jumps to give me a tight hug and before I could even react, she looks at me and screams ‘Welcome to Ibiza!’. Above all, we chose this industry, we chose to entertain, to be the soundtrack of happiness. And this is the place to be, the opening season of Ibiza  the most beautiful time of the year for promoters, artists, press and lovers of electronic music.

For someone who had never been in Ibiza before, THAT was the moment I allowed myself to think ‘This is IT!’ 

The DJ

For many considered as one of the fathers of house music, the presence of David Morales was a mix of happiness and admiration. He has played in the most iconic dancefloors of New York in the 80s/90s, like Paradise Garage and The Loft. Most importantly, he worked with some of the greatest legends of music of all time, like Mariah Carey, U2, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin.

DJ David Morales

David was responsible for all the heat waves, the smiles coming from people with all ages, the cool dancing, the groovy shaking and the heavy stepping on that rooftop. With a cold beer in one hand and the other pointing to the sky, a spirit of community was created almost immediately after he started playing. With managers, artists, fans, entrepreneurs, and other people from the industry networking, sharing their passions and their business ideas in every corner, this the perfect harmony between work and pleasure!


Written by: Maria Santos
Photography by: Dalila Ludidax