International Music Summit – Ibiza 2018: MUSIC MINDS MATTER

Mental Health within professionals of the electronic music industry

This year’s International Music Summit (IMS) took off with a rather sensitive topic brought to us by Pete Tong: The tragic event of Avicii’s death led us to an introspective debate about the importance of speaking about subjects like depression, addiction and mental health within this culture. 

The touring life of a DJ

It is known that the touring life isn’t an easy life, for any artist. ‘The first years are pretty straightforward. You travel around the world at an insane pace; collect all the money. You drink free champagne and everything else that comes with it.’ From the front line I notice tears in Pete’s eyes. He continues ‘After a couple of years the anxiety builds as the schedule and demands get more and more intense. There are now vast numbers of people and companies who rely on your business. You now rely on the alcohol, the drugs and the pills, just to get through each day. You’re tired and sick, but you can’t stop.’ 

Debate ‘Safe from Harm – Our Duty of Care’

Remedy State comes to promote a healthy lifestyle

In the debate SAFE FROM HARM – OUR DUTY OF CARE also participated Ben Turner and Blaise James, the founders of Remedy State – a new platform which aims to help musicians and artists to have a healthy career through practice of mindfulness, exercise, yoga, nutrition and physical therapy. Blaise used to be a DJ but at a very young age he saw himself surrounded by all the negative temptations that came with the lifestyle. ‘It’s all about the music. I want to be a DJ for my whole life, and the only way I can do that is if I take care of my body and my health.’ As a result of this thought, Remedy State was created and had their first official retreat during International Music Summit – Ibiza 2018. 

The role of managers

Matthew Stuart, from ATC Management, talks about the managers’ role in the artist’s mental health

At the end of the day, the artist’s manager has the most active role on the team when it comes to noticing signs of exhaustion, mental instability, addiction,… Matthew Stuart states: ‘Being a manager is not just scheduling gigs; choosing the right festivals and getting the music to be promoted – it’s all about taking care of the artist, assuring he’s healthy and able to perform. Stop thinking “How can I make more and more money with this person?”.’ 

To conclude, I would like to share a quote by Pete:

‘We are not here to stop the party. We are here to raise awareness. Artists, managers, club owners, festival organizers and everyone else in this industry, we promote a life of hedonism but it doesn’t always have to be about excess living. Be healthy and take care of those around you.’

In case you know someone in the music industry who’s facing issues related to the ones mentioned above, contact HOTLINE HELP MUSICIANS UK.

Written by: Maria
Pictures by: Franceschiello