10 songs dedicated to 10 punk bars in Berlin

When they asked me if I wanted to write this article, I wasn’t sure, I admit it. Not because I wrote it on a Saturday morning and who knows what I did yesterday, but because today I am sentimental. The truth is that most of my Berlin memories are linked to these places. You know when there’s a drawer on your desk where you put all your important documents in bulk and then close it quickly because you know it’s not like that? That in reality you should put them precisely in the covers of the appropriate binders, so when you need them, because sooner or later it will happen, you will find them easily. That’s it, it happens that one day you need just that statement that is overwhelmed by other sheets and look at the drawer for days, with a grim air, without the courage to open it because you know that it will mean taking in hand the bundle of cards and sifting them one by one until you find that letter from the bank of the distant May. Well, that’s more or less what I felt when they suggested I list a list of punk bars in Berlin. But in the end, I couldn’t help but do it, they’re my favorite places in this city. What do I care about clubs and flea markets? Nothing, nothing. In fact, I do have a real fetish for killer bars. Here there is such a wide choice, that on this occasion I will limit myself to listing my ten favorites, to each of them I have dedicated a punk song:


Friedrichshain, Jessnerstr. 41, 10247

It is divided into two rooms, there is the bar on the one hand, where I remember the first time I went there, had an Austrian maid whose only words of Italian that he remembered were “old mattress”, with which he had renamed my boyfriend of the time. Passing through a side door, or from the main entrance of the building you arrive at another room where the evenings and concerts are held. At the top of a metal spiral staircase there is the second counter, in a raised niche there is the DJ’s console, while underneath there is a stage, space for dancing and armchairs.


Friedrichshain, Rigaerstr. 83, 10247

I haven’t been back there in a long time, but it’s stored in my memory as one of the first ever bars I visited when I moved to Berlin. The highlight is the swordfish 100x40cm hanging above the counter.


Friedrichshain in Kreutzigerstr. 19, 10247

They often perform concerts. Below, in a sort of cellar with a very low ceiling, where when the pogo starts it’s absolute panic.


Neukölln, Weisestr. 56, 12049

This is definitely the place I’ve been most frequent at. Foosball, billiards, pinball, board games, red walls, green walls and mexicaner at enemy liver prices.


Kreuzberg, Gneisenaustr. 2nd, 10961

Younger brother of the Syndikat, but greater in space. His birthday party is usually very crowded and has a busy schedule of concerts.


Kreuzberg, Naunynstraße 60, 10997

Another place that I visit more or less regularly, Kreuzberg, Naunynstraße 60, 10997. I especially like the name and the trinkets hanging between the shelves with the bottles. The bartenders, in my experience, are very scurvy, they even kicked us out once.

The Jail

Kreuzberg in Ohlauer Str. 3, 10999

It offers the best moskow mule in the city, in my humble opinion.

**** SONG LOST ****

Tommy Haus

Kreuzberg, Wilhelmstr. 9, 10963.

A hausprojekt among the Art Nouveau houses of the Mehringdamm area.

The Franken

Kreuzberg, Oranienstraße 19A, 10999

It is another of the bars that enters my personal top five. Apart from the benches padded with red fabric I don’t have many memories associated with this place for an obvious reason.


Mitte, Ackerstraße 169, 10115

Finally there is the Schokoladen in Mitte, which has recently turned 30 years old. The wooden steps in front of the stage are my favourite piece of furniture.