BERLINER | Chapter 1 | Travelling to Berlin

Sometimes simple things, the kind of things you normally do without even thinking about them, turn to be the beginning of something new, unexpected, while assuming a totally different meaning, more profound I would say. The first step is always the hardest. I realized this when I turned on the engine of my car, finally everything I planned was becoming real. It was actually happening, right there. I have spent the last three months preparing myself for this, packing everything I needed, all my instruments and equipment were ready to go. I even thought about the possible stops to be done on my way to Berlin. But it was that moment, when I turned on the engine, that I realized how much I lost I was. I had no idea about what was going to happen to me.

Euphoria and enthusiasm for this adventure helped me a lot during the weeks before my departure and my mind was free by any particular concern or fear. I felt like it was meant to be, that my place was there in Berlin and nothing could have stopped me. I was just afraid of leaving behind my friends and family, but I was very lucky since they were all truly supportive. You don’t get this all the time and it gave me even more strengths to pursue my dream.

So that was the moment, everything I planned came down to that moment. I turned the key, engine was running, and my hands shaking on the wheel. Just a little gas and it was on, I was really going to Berlin. I decided to go there by car and some of my friends thought I was crazy, a plane would have been faster and more comfortable. I wanted to physically feel the road under me, to experience every single one of the 1623 km of my road to Berlin. Rome, Florence, Innsbruck, Munich, Nurnberg, Lipsia and then Berlin. I wanted to clock up the miles and I had already planned the tracklist for this trip, which I carefully selected for months before that day. There was almost anything in it, from classical music to techno, from downtempo to progressive rock. I wanted music to be with me every single step of the trip. I always believed that the true difference between real life and movies was just the soundtrack. One particular tune was in mind from the scratch, and I wanted to listen to it while climbing at sunset the Alps, with the reddish colour of those beautiful landscapes and a cigarette in my mouth. Mango, by Sasha Funke. I always remember this aspect with a smile on my face, mostly because now I know what would have happened just a few days later. But I am not gonna reveal anything now, we have a long way to go in this story.
The first part of the trip euphoria was dominating my senses, emotions all over, and I started to think that everything in front of me was just so easy. But all of a sudden, when I just crossed the Austrian border, I realized that things were more complicated than I thought. I was almost in Germany, and I knew from the beginning of the trip that I needed to stop in the first city across the border to get a new sim card for my mobile. Rosenheim was the city I planned to stop in just after the Austrian border, and I didn’t even knew of its existence before leaving. Well, in that particular moment, when I finally arrived in Rosenheim, it was clear that all the planning and everything I prepared before the departure was practically meaningless. All the things I decided to take with me were meaningless. In the shadows of the German autobahn, the only relevant and meaningful thing was my right foot pushing the on the gas pedal, remembering me that I was finally the master of my destiny. It was not just a trip anymore, it was my life, my road to happiness.
And then the night arrived, I stopped in the first motel on the way, and I was not that hungry at all, with my spirit way below my feet. I felt like a needed some comfort, to relax a bit. Wurstel mit sauerkraut und bier. And it was the best thing it could have happened to me in that exact moment, what I needed most. The day after, early morning, I got back on track and continued my journey towards Berlin, the last stop. I could feel it getting closer, mile after mile, founding myself scouting in front of me and trying to find the Fernsehturm tower, my own statue of liberty.