BERLINER | Digital Serie | Preamble


A boy, watching his own hand, just below his eyes. All of a sudden, his heart started pumping and an unexpected warmth spreading through his body. Something was going on. The same hand shrinking in a fist, getting tighter and tighter until the first tear drops out of his eye. That was life, claiming his own space and starting to shape that young boy life. It all started from that, from the first time I actually experienced what I now call “true emotion”. From that moment on, I have kept looking around for those true emotions, trying to capture in my hands what makes life worth living. I knew I could not go back from that true emotion. I knew already that my life was about to be devoted to the purest of those emotions: music.

I will be 25 years old in a few months, and most of my friends have already settled down. Some of them are graduating, others getting married, some of them are gone. And I watch all of this from my studio, with my synthesizers, sequencers and samplers, asking myself if I was right when I decided to follow this dream. But yeah, that is the one question I have never answered and, to be honest, I am quite sure there is no need to answer it. I know I was right. I did not choose music, I need music.

In my studio, in front of my equipment, with the lights on and the headphones around my ears, I have always created music with a precise idea in my mind. That idea was quite far away from me, to be precise 1623 km away: Berlin. I do not know exactly the reason behind all of this, I have never have visited Berlin yet at that time. But I knew there was something waiting for me there, that was the place where I would have been able to experience again the truest emotion of my life. Desire and passion are such powerful forces, they can push anyone beyond limits and expectations. And with very little thinking about it, I then decided to leave, with my beloved instruments and equipment on my car, and not much more. I did not know anyone there at the time, and I certainly could not speak any German. Someone might think I was crazy, but the adrenaline for my true passion was the only thing I could think about it. I just wanted to touch my dream. Today, after all I have been through, I have decided to write all of this down. One day, out there, other kids like me will decide to follow their dreams and go beyond limits and expectations.

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