Bonobo: 5 things to know

Bonobo will be in Milan on 26th October at Magazzini Generali for a special dj-set, retracing his latest studio album released in 2017 – Migration. Before listening to him for an exclusive gig promoted by Club Nation, Jazz-Re-Found and Detroit Milan, we care about the media partnership for this date that promises to be sold-out in the next days. Let’s bring you some little-known information about the artist below. The first news doesn’t make sense but makes sense, it’s useful for insiders for their classic questions – laughing off the pitch.


5. Ninja Tune

In 2001 Bonobo signed for Ninja Tune, historical record label of the electronic world (born in the early 90s), independent label based in London with an american office in Los Angeles. It was founded by Matt Black and Jonathan More, better known as Coldcut and run by Peter Quicke and other back office components.

4. Classical Influences

The musical influences of Bonobo are classical: it passes from Ennio Morricone to Bernard Herman, so his music and his orchestra have elements of particular stylistic caliber and peculiarities of studio production.

3. His father

His father was a folk musician well integrated into the London scene of that genre. When Bonobo was a boy it was easy that, returning from home, he found people of the band performing in the home bathroom. He said it in an interview for EMusic mag: “He only needed one space to do his homework”. From this childhood many things are explained about the future of this boy in the music industry.

2. 175 shows in 18 months

His sixth album – “Migration” – for critics is a record that cements its place at the highest levels of electronic music and beyond. The album “The North Borders” became Top 30 in the UK and was the number 1 in the electronic charts in the US and UK. In support, its rider composed of 12 components (over a 18-month period) played 175 shows on four continents and in 30 countries, making a total audience of around 2 million people dance. In fact, Songkick considered him as one of the artists who traveled the most on the planet that year. The tour included two sell outs at the Sydney Opera House, a festival at Roundhouse that ended with a sold out show at Alexandra Palace, plus a number of high profile festival slots.

Bonobo has built a great, faithful and committed global fanbase: over half a million album sales and millions of streams on Spotify indicate the success levels achieved by this quiet and shy man. More recently, Bonobo has curated a number of international Outlier events, including a sold out festival at London’s Tobacco Dock and other parties in Berlin, Madrid, Paris and New York.

1. “Bonobo”

The name of Bonobo, if you look for it in Google, will appear along with that of the well-known Bonobo monkey. A beautiful graceful chimpanzee of similar weight to that of man, one of the largest mammals to be discovered by scientists in 1929, also useful on a psychological level about man’s behavior. This is to tell you what? That today Bonobo literally hates journalists who ask him to talk about monkeys. So you are warned, see you on dancefloor!