Clubber interviews: TRIBALISM BOYS | Made In Italy Music

We have heard some music released by Tribalism Boys and the first impression has been: wow, this music is all we have to listen in these days. It’s solar. It’s happy music. Fits well for an opening set as for a closing too. Then we discovered Made In Italy Music and yes, we are still italian so we decided to know more about the music agency.

Founded by Tribalism Boys, Made In Italy Music is a highly recognizable brand focused on Italian djs and producers.

Italy has always been famous for having great artists known all around the world for their music and tours; as it happens equally in other countries a guy decided to create a collective, a team with common visions and objectives.

So we had a talk with Tribalism.

Hi guys, tell us about you and your Tribalism Boys’ Project?

Hi, I can tell you in brief that already the name “TRIBALISM” makes you understand that this is a project with tribal and percussive influences. Actually I’ve always loved this genre since I was a child, it’s one of those music genres without music genres. It’s just rhythm. Unique for making us dance and move without a why, so it’s perfect for the dancefloor. That’s what I based my music project on. From studio productions to dj sets in clubs, through live festivals with my musician. I love the rhythm that makes people happy, without necessarily wanting to be dark and underground.

… and what about your project Made In Italy Music? 

Even here, the name itself shows something. Made in Italy Music, although for a purpose “worldwide”, was born with and for the collaboration of Italian artists, with the philosophy of promoting real Italian talent. Made in Italy is now a brand in the kitchen as for fashion and design, but also music is part of a great valorizing all over the world.

Italian music is as famous in the cinema as for our electronic music. There are many Italian producers of great depth and I’m not just talking about the few big ones, but also about that slice of producers who are very committed and often fail to emerge. Made in Italy Music was born with the need to be a group, to be a showcase as a point of reference in terms of Italian producers. Together you can have the most important parties and the most serious record projects.

Give us more information, with whom are you collaborating or would you like to collaborate?

The first collaboration was between my song “System” on Made in Italy Music, released in 2015, with various remixes including Marco Effe, Leon and Emanuele Inglese. Now we are already at work for a release of Italoboyz with remixes by Leonardo Gonnelli. Immediately after it will be the turn of Emanuele Inglese and afterwards it will be our queen Fabiann’s turn with the remix by Marco Effe. In the following months we will be working with Flashmob, Supernova and many more. . .

Okay, you gave us the roadmap. What about Tribalism Boys and Made In Italy Music?

To this double question I could answer you with the same and only answer 🙂
A lot of good music and dates around the world are on the horizon!