Damian Lazarus: the history of Day Zero behind the Mayan Calendar & Mysticism that unites religion and nature

Having first held the event on the final day of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012, Day Zero has come to represent a turning point in the world of dance music; a new beginning of sorts.

Fascinated by the culture of this ancient people and by that mysticism that unites religion and nature, Damian Lazarus decided that this enchanted place should be the place to celebrate magic and music. So without disfiguring anything, he invented an open-air club that was a natural extension of that cosmos. House, deep, vocal, trance moments and techno peaks are the characteristics of his Crosstown Rebel: because “with the power of the right music at the right time, there’s electricity, an invisible force field that envelops people,” Damian says.

Each iteration of the event launches the new year with a stellar lineup of talent. In the past stalwart selectors including Dixon, Thievery Corporation, Fur Coat, and Mathew Jonson have made appearances, but the magic of Day Zero goes much further than a lineup.

The jungle setting offers a unique type of energy which reminds attendees that these parties have roots in the beginnings of human history. Civilizations as ancient as the Mayans would come together and dance long into the night, celebrating the world’s natural splendor. As dance music events become synonymous with commercialization, Damian Lazarus invites party-goers from around the world to experience that same communal spirit through Day Zero.