Elrow comes to Genova: 10 things you didn’t know about Elrow

In the immense panorama of electronic music events, clubs and nights all around the world, very few have emerged has a globally recognized brand. Some of these parties are well known especially for their music, others for venues and others again for the artists normally chosen to perform. Only one, though, has all of these things – and more – combined together, Elrow.

This adventure started many years ago in Fraga, a city located in the rural Spanish region of Aragona, has today led to a unique party made of top class music and artists. What makes Elrow different from any other party, however, is the scenario and the baroque atmosphere, which brings together people into very complex arrays of weird dancers, colours, confettis and any sort of crazy, flamboyant, grotesque addition to a classic dance music event.

Elrow is coming to Genova for their first show in this beautiful Italian historic city. Genova has been one of the richest city in the Mediterranean, with one of the most important ports in Europe, and today is finding new strenght and enthusiasm thansk to a renovated touristic spirit. The theme of this party on the 31st of April will be Sambodromo du Brasil, so expect the unexpected!!

More info at the following link:

Elrow Genova Sambodromo do Brasil

elrow Genova – Richy Ahmed, Marc Maya, MARIO BIANI, Tini Gessler vengono a ballare con noi a Genova il 31 marzo. Aspettatevi l'inaspettato 😉 #elrowTour Biglietti:https://goo.gl/aqWyaV+ info: https://goo.gl/XgL6mr

Pubblicato da elrow su Martedì 20 marzo 2018

Now let’s learn a bit more about this crazy party… Many things has been written about Elrow, widely spoken anywhere in the world. But maybe, there is somethign you still don’t know about it.

Here the 10 things you didn’t know about Elrow

  1. Biggest party 

The biggest party ever was held in August 2017, Elrow Town at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London. It lasted two consecutive days with over 15,000 people each day. It took place on 17th and 18th August 2017.

  1. Quickest sold out party

Elrow Scottish debut in Glasgow back in March 2017 sold out in just 3 minutes.

  1. What is the meaning of the name?

The venue where Elrow first party was launched was called ROW 14. Back then, this club was facing many difficulties and possibly closure. The management decided to give it one last chance by creating a new concept, one last chance to find something that would work at in that venue. Therefore, Elrow, which literally means ‘the need to row in order to stay afloat’.

  1. Talking about details, why are the confetti so special?

All the confetti are imported from a particular designated supplier in Spain. Elrow wants everything to be perfect, meaning that confetti from other places are not just good enough.

  1. Elrow is (arguably) the most talked show on social media.

Given that it is really difficult to demonstrate which show is the most talked to, we can easily say anyway that Elrow is very talked on social media: more than a 100% increase in fans number per year, all platforms considered (from 600k in January 2017 to 1,27M in January 2018); interactions increase was up for more than 300% last year, from 236k on January 2017 to 750k last January; total reach of Elrow channels is is today 26M people, from only 10M back in January 2017.

Pretty talked, right?

  1. Numbers in 2017:

+100 shows, 20 countries, +1,833,000 attendees, 60 soldouts!

  1. How many people work to set up the location? How many family members from the family?

Around six people from the production team are directly involved for each show in any part of the world, plus two people from the animation team. In terms of general management, five members of the Arnau family are currently working in the organisation.

How many shows did you have in Italy already?

Elrow had 6 shows in Italy in 2017: Arenile Napoli, Social Music Festival Milano, Rock Festival Roma, Phi Beach Baia Sardinia e Afrobar Catania. The Sambodromo do Brasil show in Genova – organised together with RST Events – will be the secondo in 2018 after the one at Amnesia Milano, which was themed as From The Lost River. Following this, there already other Elrow shows planned in Italy: 09/06 @Social Music City (Milano), 28/07 @Summer Festival (Venice), 04/08 @Phi Beach (Baia Sardinia), 31/12 @ Afrobar, Catania.

      8. This is a family business, how many members of the family work for elrow?

Five members of the Arnau family works direclty for Elrow: Juan Arnau (Father) Strategic Advisor, Juan Arnau JR CEO & Founder, Cruz Arnau Marketing Director & Founder, Romina Río Productions, De la Swing Resident Dj.

      10. How many shows planned for the summer?

There are currently 38 shows already planned for the summer, many of them of course in Spain, but many others all around the world: from London to Belgium, from Romania to The Netherlands, from New York to Uruguay, from Berlin to Zurich. You can join the craziest of the parties by having a look here to the full list:

Calendar of summer 2018