Ephimera Dancers: when visuals become human movements.

The ephemeral that enjoys the pleasures of the moment experienced through the senses represents the transitory key to eternity. This is Ephimera. Fleeting images, dreamlike and ritual atmospheres, lost movements born from the meeting of three dancing souls that together give full vent to their inner voice.

Ephimera Dancers: when visuals become human movements.

Ephimera is a group of three dancers from Turin (in Italy) who, in a short time, have brought an evocative element to the clubs of Northern Italy in the eyes of those present. They love to dance in the shadows, between sets of visual and emotional impact, giving their bodies to a new kind of dance that takes shape as the perfect interface of their personality: they oscillate between elegant and ethereal movements of classical dance, strong pathos of contemporary dance and violent primordial pulsations that give birth to alienated figures.

Ephimera is the common devotion to dance and the unbridled passion for clubbing, a new concept that brings art into the club world, moving away from the idea of animation as an end in itself.

An element not new in the art scene, but new into the clubbing scene – in terms of class and elegance – where the animation is placed behind the scenes and not in front of or next to the artist, so as not to commodify the woman’s body. Elegance and sensuality are put in twilight. An attraction of light and shadows, at a musical rhythm, where the eyes are lost in a dreamlike vision.

Technically, the group called Ephimera moves behind a white towel, placed behind the artist, on a stage that can maintain their performance in terms of both space and light.

Ephimera is certainly a new way of approaching clubbing, paying more attention to the artist and an enrichment in terms of artistic product within the club.

Now we leave you some performances’ photos held in different Italian clubs. Check more on Facebook page!