FABIANN: a new wave of neapolitan school in Europe | Made In Italy Music

Fabiann: neapoletan school of techno, her productions are highly appreciated by listeners that can expect to hear an aggressive, edgy blend of music, spanning many industrial sounds with a heavy emphasis on homegrown Trance and Detroit Techno.

We have had a little talk by mail because we already know she could be a new name of the future italian wave in Europe. So let’s hear more from her.

Let’s start from the usual first question: what are your beginnings, how did you get closer to djing and especially to clubbing?

Fabiann: The first DJ I saw in my life was in a village where I spent most of my childhood and adolescence. He used vinyls and I was fascinated as if it were magic… I have never thought it was possible to aspire to that role, also because imagining it as a woman was madness at the time. I had the desire and the need to share my tastes, to express myself and I did it first of all by listening to music at full volume, paying attention to the reactions of those around me. Then over the years, I managed to define my nature by moving to the console.

I know you are very followed in the south of Italy. As a new wave of the Neapolitan techno school – an important scene that has exported many great artists – tell us about your Naples. How much and how has the city changed in the last 10 years?

Fabiann: More than south Italy, I am followed more by the center. That’s because most of my career has developed in Rome. For me Naples is the sound, it’s inspiration, my roots. It’s a city full of talent and I think it’s also thanks to the footprints left by the great artists who were part of it. Today we have more dates. People are willing to travel to festivals, but I still don’t see much music culture. All chase djs only because they are among the most followed on social media. Techno is now fashionable.

Tell us about your best evening done by both sides, as public and as dj.

Fabiann: Speaking to you about a specific evening, I find it very difficult, but if I have to make an effort, I’ll tell you about that time I performed at the Artheater in Cologne… pure energy! As a clubber, I remember the most beautiful evenings in Naples, my city.

How long have you been playing? How long have you been in techno?

Fabiann: I’ve been performing for 7 years and producing at the beginning would have been a mistake because I would have created music that didn’t perfectly reflect my musical taste and my being. And then in 2017, I had to go back to work, produced my first Ep, Ca­taclisma, and after a month Joseph Capriati played “Running on a cold planet”; at Time Warp. It’s been a really great satisfaction for me.

Nice… and now you are part of Made In Italy Music, what are the ambitions and the first confirmations we will see in 2019?

Fabiann: Made in Italy Music has been a great fortune for me. I think it’s an excellent label and management that will take me around the world. Scheduled for 2019 I have dates in Berlin, London, Madrid, Barcelona… and many other cities. There will certainly be Italy and next summer in Ibiza. I now have a couple of Eps and great collaborations, coming out next year.

I appreciate that you love Detroit techno, on RA I read you also have musical influences from trance music. Which artists did you grow up with? I also grew up with Trance, that’s why I’m curious.

Fabiann: Well, if I think about Trance I would have liked to spend my adolescence in Germany in the early nineties and enjoy the birth of everything. I approached Sven Vath in the first place with his Harthouse label that won my heart… then Jam&Spoon. I could name you a lot, but I love music, not names.

…and before a date? What is your routine before get on stage?

Fabiann: I prefer to spend time alone in my hotel room trying to relax. Relax in a way that says why years may go by, but the anxiety will never leave me before get on stage. So before I leave the room, I look in the mirror and say, “Go!”. Anxiety is also a beautiful adrenaline-fuelled feeling!

Last but not least, who would you like to work with for a musical release?

Fabiann: I would like to collaborate with those who have new ideas, with those who stand out from the crowd, with those who want to experiment and can teach me something. I think Jeff Mills is the genius I’m being describing… the alien.