FIRE AT WORK wants to tell you a story with their new release

FIRE AT WORK is an experimental music project focused on radical and industrial electronic music.

The duo consisting of Fabrizio Rossi and Fabio Recchia aims to
exceed perimeters between different genres of electronic music, but always keeping
the same deep and mental atmospheres that characterize their sound. In 2003 Fabrizio
and Fabio started a new adventure with STIRPE 999, a label focused on multimedia
productions. On the edge of human being is FIRE AT WORKS latest release on

In a world where the importance and the role of the human being has been replaced by
machines and technology, we are sentenced to face the ultimate consequences of this
development. Men have become a resource, basically bait for algorithms, being exposed to a never-ending stream of information that makes it hard to distinguish between fiction and
reality. This release tells about the post-industrial alienation without being a passive
statement. The duo’s choice of composition materials as much as the arrangement claims the preeminence of the human act, choosing active decision making and imperfections over the accuracy of automations and the sterility of binary choices. It’s an act of resistance against the mechanism, not the machine.

A high-quality release concerning both music and concept, the perfect mix between past and future.

Side A floats between a piano intro and a cinematic tail of ghironda and crumar, shaping the body of the ep: R/WS, a deep obsessive piece framed between glitches, carries heavy downtempo rhythms and obscure timbres.

On the B side, RW/S gets reshaped by Dadub and Positive Centre, two remixes swinging between broken techno and pure experimentation, a tribal decay that closes the ep recalling once again a condition that is primitive, ritualistic and restless.

Put on your headphones and let yourself be carried away!

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