Kittin announces new album

Miss Kittin—today shortened to Kittin—has an album coming out in November via her label, Nobody’s Bizzness.

Cosmos, her first collection since 2013, sees the French artist step far from usual songwriting to center around “the pith of harmonies and surfaces,” the label says.

She’s discharging it under the name Kittin, which is the first name she picked at the beginning of her vocation more than two decades back. (Truth be told promoters frequently included the prefix “Miss” without her assent, and the name in the end stuck.)

“By liberating herself from the constraints of formal structure,” the label continues, “she opens the door to a new set of aesthetics, exploring her influences without restraint.”

Here the Album Tracklist

01. Cosmic Address
02. Are You There
03. Questions Everything
04. Elevate
05. Atoms
06. Multiverse
07. Last Day On Earth
08. Deep Space Station
09. Scanner
10. #MeToo
11. White Magic
12. Utopia

Nobody’s Bizness will release Cosmos on November 2nd, 2018.