Luciano at Magazzini Generali | Cadenza 15 Years Anniversary

Luciano is coming to celebrate the Cadenza 15th anniversary in Milan during one of the most boiler night of the year.

Cadenza 15 Years Anniversary

Cadenza Records was started in 2003 by Luciano and Quenum in Switzerland, releasing minimal techno and house with an organic and improvised feel.

Cadenza is a space for music to grow, rise and blossom. It is an accessible platform created to receive new people, projects and their influences. By continously searching and progressing, we are a part of the evolution. We are all spiritual people, free as our music, and we live for that reason. Cadenza Records’ tracks have been classified by
Doc Martin, Marco Resmann, Monkey Safari, Agents Of Time, Matthias Tanzmann, Joyce Muniz, Oxia, System Of Survival, &ME, Pirupa, Timo Maas, Monkey Safari, Felipe Valenzuela, Magit Cacoon, Oxia, Jay Lumen, Matthias Meyer, Dominik Eulberg, Maher Daniel, Dusky, Eric Cloutier, Marco Resmann, Matthias Meyer, Fur Coat and many others.

Luciano, better known as a Chilean-Swiss DJ and producer he is a five-time DJ Awards winner and ten-time nominee. He is part of a small group of people who were responsible for developing and nurturing the underground electronic music scene in Chile, via promoting, playing, and throwing parties in the Chilean club circuit. His DJ sets are strongly influenced by Latin American music, a sound he heavily incorporates. Over the years, Luciano’s initial style of minimal techno has developed and evolved into a blend of house and techno. Luciano has been constantly involved in various music projects, such as playing live performances, running his label Cadenza Records, and hosting multiple parties in Ibiza.

It’s a long story and they will not write the classic ordinary biographic and boring post. So see you on dancefloor to listen to him: Magik.

When: December 14th 2018
Where: Magazzini Generali, via Pietrasanta 16, Milano
Opening: Michel Cleis – Lino Pugliese b2b GAS

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