Motor City Drum Ensemble in Milan

What to know about Motor City Drum Ensemble?
Let’s split the words!

MCDE is an unique ensemble, made up of one person – Danilo Plessow – pioneer of the House Music Made in Germany with a retro and futuristic touch. MCDE was born in 1985 in a small rural town in southern Germany but soon moved to Stuttgart, cradle of the automobile world and the motorized city of Germany.

Drum Ensemble is a link to his collection of classical drum machines, technical backbone of his electronic music.

Motor City Drum Ensemble will be in Milan on April 5th at Magazzini Generali. Event by Club Nation

He started playing drums at the tender age of 6 and discovered his love for jazz in the primary school. From the age of 11 he started working on his original productions using a computer and samples. Being influenced by Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop and House, the first complete results were already published five years later (2000) on ‘Polver Records under his House and Broken Beat project called Inverse Cinematics.

In short, MCDE has released on 25 different labels…

For its brand new EP Send A Prayer; has logically chosen its MCDE Recordings, home of Raw Cuts, which it co-manages with its close French friend Pablo Valentino, which also releases tracks on the label as Creative Swing Alliance.

In the last two years he has performed on stages all over the world. Today MCDE is renowned for its eclectic taste in music and its magical technique in production, which have made it a world-renowned DJ and producer.

The previous show to MCDE is entrusted to the project JAXX MADICINE, with their wide range of influences. Jaxx is an inclination of the hat to the original rhythms and bass lines, born from the Chicago house while the letters “XX”; suggest a passion for jazz.

These are the two main ingredients used by the founders of the projects Turbojazz and Parker Madicine, which are joined by the talented and mysterious Veez_0 – a young Italian pianist that you will still hear about in the near future.

Turbojazz is rooted in the futuristic rhythms and sounds of the golden age of Broken Beat, while Parker Madicine pushes more towards the sounds and timbres of the spatial atmospheres of Detroit. These two worlds of music are married by the incredible support and harmonic support of Veez_o.


Magazzini Generali // April 5th 2019 // via Pietrasanta 16 Milano