Nickodemus: from the early 90s of New York to the creation of the most important ithinerant boat party in the world.


Nickodemus, Sicilian origins, is a historical New York disc jockey that has been playing around the world since the early 90s.

As producer, DJ and head of Wonderwheel Recordings, he has been able to collect and reinterpret in music that cauldron of peoples and cultures that has always represented the Big Apple, social melting pot but above all musical “cultural-pot”, becoming the promoter of a solar dance music, contaminated by tropical sounds, deep Latin influences and clear Afrocentric references: “sounds of another world but with the aim of being the music of the world. An artist who must be discovered, studied and listened to live for his career and for his way of presenting himself to music.

Since 1998 the personal branding of Nickodemus has been inextricably linked to the project “Turntables on. . . “

“Turntables on. . . ” is a cult pilot party on the Hudson River in New York based on funk, Afrobeat, nu tropical, hip hop, house and global music, then ‘exported’ all over the world; on the Nile River (Cairo), the Thames (London), the Agean (Kalymnos), Las Ramblas (Barcelona), the Danube (Budapest) and more.