When Eminem mentioned Jeff Mills in his Rap

A subtle reference to Jeff Mills can be found in the heart of the text of “Groundhod Day” (or “day of the marmot”) in the title of Eminem’s latest album, released in 2013).

Here I listen to Eminem’s piece where we refer to Jeff Mills.

It was 2013: the release of Marshall Mathers LP2 – the second part of an iconic Eminem’s album – is a good link to the techno producer. Both Detroit artists were linked to each other that same year, in the rapper’s subtle reference to the techno producer (so subtle that it took two years to understand).

In “Groundhog Day”, among the bonus tracks of his eighth album, Eminem said: “I came back to Michigan again […] while I was running the radio stations. I discovered a DJ mixing music, and I repeat it today, if you haven’t heard that track without a wizard, you have no idea what you got lost.

Like many guys in and around Detroit, Eminem had to pay attention from time to time to the various mixes made by Jeff Mills, ten years older and ahead of him, and lead him to change his musical choices, even, if he wished, modifying his future records.

A new testimony of the link between hip-hop and techno movement.